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By Robert Urbanek
In a dream I had in September of 2000, I was under the control of Satan, who was making my life miserable. I was stooped over and could feel the weight of his power on my back. His method of control was very clever, but as the dream progressed, I forgot the secret of how he exercised his power. I also had a vague recollection that he had a female companion.

The devil then turned me into a fish. I remember swimming in a small stream and thinking that being a fish wasn't so bad. But as soon as I grew accustomed to this form, I was turned back into a man. Now I was in a fish restaurant accompanied by a small boy. I am carrying a tray with fish dinners for both of us. As I walk down the aisle, I see an angry man in a booth who I realize is about to trip me or shove me down. However, as the man gets up to attack me, he is thrown to the floor by some invisible person, who hits the man with invisible punches. I realize that the invisible man is the devil, who is now protecting me.

Next, I see the devil standing in a pitch-black room under a bright light, which puts him in great agony. His dark clothing begins to change. First, he is dressed as Superman, next as Batman, then as a football player. As the football player, he starts running down a field with the ball and is knocked out of bounds.

What did Satan look like before being transformed into a superhero? I don't recall an exact face. but he did not have horns, a tail, a pitchfork or any of the cartoon features usually associated with the devil.

As the fish is a symbol representing Christianity, the dream seemed to suggest that I am the devil's fish and, thus, the devil's Christ or Antichrist. The fish dinners, suggestive of the Last Supper, symbolize my divinity, which I am sharing with the boy, who represents a future generation. The devil who had tormented me has now become my "hero" after being exposed to the Light of God. Satan will defend me against attacks and "carry the ball" for me.

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