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Spirituality seems to be gaining ground whilst organised religion seems to be less popular. Do we need either/both/neither to achieve the United planet we need to survive. It appears the old systems of economics & politics are dying & taking the majority of population with it. Any thoughts, I want to hear, please be kind.
By Sivad
Herefordrob wrote:to achieve the United planet we need to survive.

Where'd you get the idea human survival depends on a United planet? We don't need unity, what we need is more respect for boundaries.
Sivad wrote:
Where'd you get the idea human survival depends on a United planet? We don't need unity, what we need is more respect for boundaries.
I agree respect is important especially in the sense of personal boundaries. Unity does not undermine that belief but involves a wider view going into the future. One of growth and learning from others perspectives and experiences.

But sovereignty seems to have developed into a concept which is above the law.
Spiritually is too vague a term. It can also refer to cranks moving tables while evocating the dead. Anyways, in opposition to institutionalized religion, it means a direct insight that is not mediated by external influences or rationalization. It's direct religious intuition you mean. The intuition that is at the origin of religious movements and that gets invariably buried beneath layers of dogma motived by political self-interest. True religion is without self-interest.

Any of the self-proclaimed Christians or Muslims in this forum commits heresy by claiming to know the will of god. Whatever they know, it is motived by greed or self-interest, the very opposite of true religion.

In that sense, I'm afraid the Buddhists are right, spirituality (aka religious intuition) is not on the rise, quite on the contrary, each generation of humans is spiritually more degenerated than the previous one. We live in an era of lost and confused souls in which no Buddha rises to awakening.

Don't be fooled by the great number of gurus advertising their services via the world-wide-web. They are charlatans.

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