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You misunderstand what I meant by "ideologically" nothing: anyone, of any political leaning, can support Assad, or support the rebels, for a variety of different reasons

Ah,all right then.

outer space and water planet scientist

What? :?:
Bulaba Jones wrote:Many people in the Alt-Right like to eat steak. I like to eat steak. Therefore, interesting implication where we suggest alt-right and leftists are closer than we realize, right? :lol:

Liking to eat stake may actually have further implications, maybe you're both working class people. It may be very likely that the issue of Assad is a watershed in politics, even if there are many possible reasons to support or oppose him. It's a key foreign policy issue and foreign policy is a key issue in and of itself of course.
It is useful to learn who has taken Mossad sheckles and who hasn't. Independent political thinkers want him to win, people who have took the 30 pieces of silver tend to want ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Service) to win.
First off does anyone really imagine that Israel wanted Assad overthrown. Israel and our Jew worshipping leaders loved ISIS, but all the other more moderate Sunni Muslim groups including Al Qaeda were too much of a threat to Israel to be allowed to form a unitary government in Syria. As ISIS rampaged through northern Iraq genociding and enslaving Kurds, Christians and Yazidi our beck cuck gentile leaders could hardly conceal their glee. But as ISIS approached Baghdad concern arose that the ISIS porridge might be getting just a bit too hot even for our Israeli Goldilocks.

However our leaders had no problem with ISIS ruling western Iraq and Eastern Syria, it was ISIS that forced them to act. It was ISIS that forced the West to prioritise their destruction. ISIS went out of their way t get themselves attacked as Al Qaeda did from 1997 up till 9/11.
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skinster wrote::D

Also, I'm not amused that mike is doubting I'm a scientist. Can't trust him on anything now! :D

It is possible that Mike's judgment, having voted for Hillary, has been impaired? :eek:
Rich wrote:First off does anyone really imagine that Israel wanted Assad overthrown.

The Conflict In Syria Was Always Israel’s War
After years of fomenting the Syrian conflict from the shadows, the U.S. has recently seemed to back away from its push to militarily intervene in the embattled nation, instead choosing to focus its saber-rattling and destabilization efforts on other theaters. The consequence of this has seemingly been the winding down of the long-running conflict, now entering its seventh year.

Buoyed by Russia, Iran and Lebanon, the Syrian government led by President Bashar al-Assad has managed to retake vast swaths of territory, all while surviving and growing stronger over the course of a largely foreign-funded onslaught. As a result, many of the governments that were instrumental in funding and arming the so-called “moderate” opposition have begun to extricate themselves, unwilling to further test the resilience of Assad or the Syrian people.

With some anticipating the long-awaited conclusion of the Syrian conflict, recent threats from Israel’s government to assassinate Assad by bombing his residence seemed to appear out of the blue. According to the Jerusalem Post, a senior Israeli official accompanying Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on a recent visit to Russia warned the Kremlin that if Iran continues to “extend its reach” in Syria, Israel would bomb the presidential palace in Damascus.

Israel’s comments should come as no surprise, however, as the foreign-funded and manufactured conflict in Syria was always Israel’s war. The only real surprise is Israel’s growing isolation in pushing for the further escalation of the conflict.

WikiLeaks sheds light on the origins of the war
Though it has successfully avoided being labeled a major player in the effort to oust Assad, Israel has long been the mastermind of the plan, which stems in large part from the long-standing hostilities between the two nations as well as Israel’s own regional ambitions. State Department diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks have shown that in 2006, five years before the conflict in Syria manifested, the government of Israel had hatched a plan to overthrow the Assad government by engineering sectarian strife in the country, creating paranoia within the highest-ranks of the Syrian government, and isolating Syria from its strongest regional ally, Iran.

Israel then passed this plan along to the United States, which would then involve Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Egypt in fomenting the “breakdown” of the Assad regime as a way of weakening both Iran and Hezbollah — with the effect of empowering both Israel and the Gulf monarchies, two seemingly disparate forces in the region that are becoming increasingly allied.

Leaked emails belonging to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton further reveal Israel’s role in covertly creating the conflict and its clear role in securing the involvement of the U.S. and other nations in executing its plan for Assad’s removal. One email, forwarded by Clinton to her advisor Jacob Sullivan, argues that Israel is convinced that Iran would lose “its only ally” in the region were Assad’s government to collapse.
(Clinton emails doc within link) ... ar/231532/

Also, Long Read: Israel’s Quiet Campaign to Gain a Foothold in Southern Syria
The Syrian Civil War has made for strange bed fellows , politically speaking . Bashir Assad has fighting for him everyone from Greek National Socialists < , > , to Lebanese Communists < , > . So it would seem that this conflict has succeeded like nothing else to unite people across the political spectrum against imperialism , and radical Islamist extremism . < > In all fairness though , there have also been foreign volunteers whom are aligned not with Assad or the so called Free Syrian Army , but rather with the likes of the Kurdish People's Protection Units . < , > Here is a list of the belligerents of all sides . < >[…]

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