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Freedom of speechonly matters for right-wing twats for THEIR views;
Texas Sheriff Publicly Threatens to Charge Driver Over Anti-Trump Sticker

A Texas sheriff has sparked outrage on social media after threatening to file disorderly conduct charges against a driver displaying an anti-Trump bumper sticker. Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls, a Republican eyeing a bid for Congress, singled out the driver in a public Facebook post that he said was meant to help identify the driver—and tagged numerous high-profile figures and news outlets in the post.

“I have received numerous calls regarding the offensive display on this truck as it is often seen along FM 359,” he wrote. “If you know who owns this truck or it is yours, I would like to discuss it with you,” he said, claiming a prosecutor was ready to file disorderly conduct charges. Nehls told the Houston Chronicle he’d received numerous complaints about the bumper sticker, which reads, “F--- Trump and f--- you for voting for him.”

On a similar matter, this woman got fired from her job, for giving Trump the middle finger on a bike when passing his motorcade.
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Yet this sort of thing seemingly isn't provoking a response from law enforcement , and I have to see signs bearing this message as I walk down the street , as a couple of my neighbors still even now have them publicly displayed . https://www.alternet.org/election-2016/trump-bitch-takes-over-favorite-slogan-trump-hordes If there is to be such a community standard , it should at least be consistent across the board . And also , I actually believe that according to Cohen v. California this sort of rhetoric is permissible , however deplorable certain people might find it to be .
I'm part of the far centre. We are the moral minority. We are intellectually superior. however the left and the right seem to think we were born yesterday. They both like Muslims speak the language of free speech when it suits them, but love to ban, imprison and terrorise people when they have the power.

On the far centre we recognise that morality is not absolute, principles can not be absolute and must always have a subjective element, but they are still real principles, unlike the fake principles of the far right, far left and the Muslims. These principles include free speech, due process, non absolute private property and the regulated market with redistribution.

On the far centre we recognise that we are a minority, we will likely always be a minority. We must seek to balance between other groups. This is why to paraphrase Peter Mandelson we are intensely relaxed about Nazis, White supremacists and Neo Confederates, because these days the White Infidel far right is far less of a threat to our freedom and liberties than the Cultural Marxist Left. However in places like Texas and Alabama, we should be looking to deconstruct, mock and humiliate fundamentalist Christians and Trumpism. We should be putting out fires David Bowie style.
Bullshit @Rich, You are not the far center... you're the right wing, and far from being the moral minority or intellectual superior to anything, let alone anyone left of you. :lol: If you didn't slam in a good healthy dose of Islamophobia/xenophobia in there, it might sell better. You can't talk about principles when you only want to apply them some of the time.
Ah, just left wing hypocrites sniveling about somebody using force to censor somebody else, as if they oppose such abuses of force or something, and support free speech. All ridiculous posturing on their part, of course, since they have been advocating censorship all along, and now in their third century of proudly advocating it. The sheriff should be rewarded for his anti-establishmentarian views.
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