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Kaiserschmarrn wrote:What really gets me about the video is that the police say it's just a trial from which they are trying to learn, but they actually stop the guy who covers his face and fine him for "disorderly behaviour".

"Disorderly behaviour" is whatever the police say it is. Lol.
Potemkin wrote:"Disorderly behaviour" is whatever the police say it is. Lol.

I guess it could be that he resisted when they tried to stop him and the police used that as a pretext. Going by his interview, he might have been a bit rude with them too.

Still, they say police can stop you (and presumably take a picture of you as they do in the video) if you try to hide your face from these face recognition cameras which are supposed to be just a trial run for the police to learn how to best use them. I can remember when people got worked up about ID cards which seems rather innocent at this point.
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