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Deutschmania wrote: I find myself to be agender https://www.bustle.com/articles/109255-what-does-agender-mean-6-things-to-know-about-people-with-non-binary-identities , yet my result on this online test http://www.hemingways.org/GIDinfo/sage/test.htm had me as being a transwoman whom is uncertain as to my ability to transition . I was like I don't think so . :lol:

I'd like to know what it means to identify as male or female or something in between or neither, but the bustle article opts out of explaining it. Personally, I identify as female in the same way I identify as human or any other category I objectively belong to. But I get the sense that the terms "identifying" and "identity" are used differently by people who say they are transgender.

I'm also interested in what people actually reject if it's not their sexual characteristics (their body). The article explains this as follows:
Someone does not need to want to change any part of their body to be agender. They may just not feel that they are either masculine or feminine, but be perfectly happy with their bodies.

I'm not sure I understand what feeling masculine or feminine means either. If it means your interests and behaviours are outside the norm, then you are just an outlier with respect to those. If not, how do you explain what it means to feel masculine/feminine without circular reasoning?

At any rate , gender is complicated , and we are just starting to understand the full range of gender expression , and what goes into determining how gender manifests itself in a person. Basically though , it is thought to involve differences in brain structure https://psychcentral.com/news/2018/03/16/structural-brain-differences-for-transgender-people/133802.html .

This study would point to a faulty perception of the body, although it doesn't tell us anything about feeling masculine/feminine mentioned above.
Pants-of-dog wrote:
Anyway, you aksed a series of questions that boil down to “what if the child regrets it?”.

So, what if?

First of all, this does not excuse the father’s action in any way nor does it repudiate the findings of the courts.

Also, i wonder if this is pertinent to this case. I would expect that those who regret transitioning from one gender to another often share certain characteristics that, in hindsight, make it clear why transitioning was not a good idea. Does this particular child exhibit any of those characteristics?

Finally, I would simply ask how often people regret transitioning from one gender to another. This is brought up quite often by critics of transgender transitioning. Because of this frequency, I would expect that the statistics are easy to come by, and that this is a significant number.
. Besides the RT documentary I posted , which I will acknowledge came across as having a bias against the validity of transexuality itself , I have recently discovered these videos , from a channel that is very lgbt friendly.
, this one even shows how gender questioning persons can be pressured into transitioning , even when they might not actually be transgender.
So as I posted before , judicious discretion should be shown before possiblely transitioning . So I don't think that a father would necessarily be out of line in questioning whether his child is really trans . But at the same time he should be personally supportive in regards to his child's identity crisis , and love him , or her unconditionally .
And that is valid.

However, I do not think that the father was actually interested in discovering the truth about his son. He never actually met with the doctors who are seeing his son. And the doctors he hired for the trial never actually met his son.
There is an element of youth subculture meeting a serious illness in this. Usually, this would most likely blow over reasonably quickly, but since the former strongly aligns with the latest left-wing identity politics cause, it gets a salience, focus and support way beyond normal.
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