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I find it ironic that the people here are saying that these countries are afraid of the humanization of Israelis when both the posters here refuse to even consider Palestinians as human beings. If the these countries are afraid of the humanization of Israeli then you people posting here would be equally disregard a film that humanizes Palestinians.

Just like the countries in the post, you will disregard any humanization of Palestinians as mere "propaganda" while criticizing other countries for doing the same. This does not make the actions of these countries justifiable and I absolutely disagree with them but it does prove that you are in fact, hypocrites in the purest form. You oppose news and uphold it whenever it is convenient.
Saeko wrote:
Also, since when is the humanization of a people considered "propaganda". Da fuq? :eh:

For the past 50 years the petrodollars well-oiled propaganda machine succeeded in wining on many parts of the world. Israel hopes the film will play for Israel as Exodus (1960), The Ten Commandments (1956) and Ben Hur (1959) did some generations ago.

Gadot isn’t the first Israeli actor to come under fire. In 1959, “Ben Hur” was banned by all of the countries in the Arab League because its leading lady Haya Harareet was Israeli. The 1960 version of “Exodus” was banned in Egypt and Syria and boycotted in much of the Arab world along with Paul Newman’s other films due to Newman’s “material support for Zionism and Israel", according to the book "Cinematic Terror: a Global History of Terrorism on Film" by Tony Shaw.

State of Israel official propaganda

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Let's be honest here, if there was a movie that humanized Palestinians you would call it Anti-Israel propaganda as well. I stand by my original statement.

Also, now I actually read about the boycott apparently it doesn't have to do with the fact that she's a woman at all. I don't even think it has to do with her being Israeli either (although it may actually be so. However movies with Israelis in them have been allowed in Middle Eastern countries). It just has to do with her political stances.

Now do I disagree with it? Yes. Do I think that the governments have no right in banning the movie? Yes. Do I think that Middle Easterners should do everything in the power as long as it doesn't get them killed to watch the movie? Yes.

But do I think this is proof that Middle Eastern governments are anymore sexist than they already are? Is this proof that Middle Eastern governments are afraid of the humanization of Israelis? No,it absolutely isn't.

Did you miss the "Most movies with Israeli in them have been not banned in the Middle East" part or are you just blind? I can name you lots of movies with Israelis in them that are openly available in the Middle East (abit edited though of course).

Tell me, has Bernard Lewis spent his entire life studying Islam and everything about it? No? Then he is not a viable source for showing all the individual thoughts of 366 million people. Even though individual Arabs in groups have felt that this defeat was unworthy, it is not politically powerful enough that these Middle Eastern governments will ban the movie.

Ok, now that's bullshit. Even the surahs in the Quran that do say bad stuff about Jews it does not say anywhere that Jews are descendants from apes and pigs. ... ks_on_Jews

Also you know it's bullshit through some common sense. The Quran was made before the distinction between apes and monkeys were a thing. So if the Quran said anything about Jews, it would probably not call them apes but monkeys. Not only that, but it would call them baboons, not monkeys since baboons historically and still do now terrorize small villages and farms in Saudi Arabia. Due to this, calling someone a baboon is an insult.

Regardless you're wrong either way.

Yes, let's take one twitter post and then apply it to an entire population of people. That makes alot of sense.

So this is your Bernard Lewis? ... dward_Said

This guy has not set foot on the Middle East in about 40 years. His knowledge of the Middle East is so biased that he cannot be taken seriously at all. He thinks that Islam and the Middle East is one monolithic homogenous entity which although is appealing to you @noir because you like dehumanizing Muslims and Arabs, but it's unfortunately bad if you want to be correct in your analysis of the Middle East. Also, the guys a political scientist. He has done nothing to explore Islam intellectually.

Noir, you wouldn't even read the Quran despite needing to in order to debate Islam in the first place. Do you expect me to believe that you would watch 2 hours of pro-Palestinian propaganda when you can't even read a book you can finish in one sitting? Hell, at least with the Quran there's some pretty horrible shit there so at least that can validate your ideology but with a pro-Palestinian film? You would tear your hair out by the end of it. Even if it had the worst arguments possible, you would still not watch it.
Jonatan Cook, a veteran Guardianista propagandist, review

Wonder Woman is a hero only the military-industrial complex could create
Middle East Jonathan Cook on July 7, 2017

All of this is the context for deciphering the egregious propaganda in favor of western military violence, and the portrayal of peace-seeking as “appeasement”, that is Wonder Woman.

War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength

Those who have not seen the film, and take it seriously as entertainment, may wish to skip this section, which includes a significant spoiler.
The source of man’s evil in Wonder Woman is the only surviving Greek god, Ares, who is hiding somewhere in the human world. Wonder Woman believes she can end all war and human suffering only if she can locate Ares and kill him–before he kills her.
No one in the human world, of course, believes Wonder Woman, and they foolishly dismiss her ideas as lunacy. And for a while Wonder Woman makes a terrible mistake in thinking the German Ludendorff (Saddam / Gaddafi / Assad) is Ares. It is late in the film that she discovers she has been on the wrong scent.
Humankind’s ultimate enemy is not Ludendorff, but the kindly Sir Patrick Morgan (David Thewlis), who has spent the entire film counseling for negotiations and peace with the Germans.

The ultimate evil, Wonder Woman finds, is the wolf in sheep’s clothing among us: those who preach fraternity, compassion and turning the other cheek are the ones who make possible the killing of the innocents.

Those who appear to care, those who seem to offer a route out of bloodshed and war–those who defeat the aims and threaten the profits of the military-industrial complex–are in truth nothing more than appeasers. Their efforts are certain, even intended, to lead to greater suffering.

Full ... l-complex/

@Potemkin, would you agree with his take? Is it sound to you a nationalist view? Seems he was annoyed by the twist in the plot.
@Potemkin, would you agree with his take? Is it sound to you a nationalist view? Seems he was annoyed by the twist in the plot.

In fact, in my opinion the twist in the plot actually saved the film from being merely an anti-German propaganda movie. The portrayal of Ludendorff is absurd - the historical Ludendorff was certainly not a murderous drug-addicted psychopath who staged a blood-soaked coup d'etat to keep the War going. Up until the twist at the end, Wonder Woman might as well have been made in 1917 by the British Ministry of Wartime Propaganda, rather than in 2017 by Hollywood.

But then Wonder Woman slays the 'evil' Ludendorff, and... nothing happens. The War continues as normal. And then that nice British gentleman appears and politely explains to her that, in fact, he is Ares the God of War. Smiling benignly at her, he informs her that the Armistice is merely a ruse and will be merely a temporary ceasefire which he knows neither side can keep. And, historically speaking, we know that he is right. John Maynard Keynes said even at the time that "this Armistice is merely a twenty-year ceasefire." The real villains here are not the Germans, and not even the British, and not even Ares himself, but our own desire to dominate others and to slay our enemies. And even Wonder Woman herself had fallen into that trap by slaying Ludendorff. By trying to end the murderous killing machine of the Great War, she had herself become merely one more part of that killing machine.

In other words, the nice middle-class liberal reviewer writing in The Guardian is wrong - the movie's ending is more complex than he gives it credit for, and far from being merely annoying, the twist at the end actually saves the movie and gives its themes some depth. Unlike most comic-book superhero movies, it has an essentially grown-up message: that the world is a more complex place than we think it is, and that our worst enemy may lie within ourselves....

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