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What is the difference between the terrible Holocaust that occurred on European land and the terrible Holocaust that is happening in recent current years in the Holy Land?

A leaflet campaign against the recruitment of ultra-Orthodox Jews into the Israeli military compares army service to the Holocaust.

Flyers and posters bearing the title “Jews! the town is burning” were distributed in ultra-Orthodox synagogues, left in mail boxes, and posted on noticeboards in ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods, the Kikar Hashabbat website reported Wednesday. The report did not say which neighborhoods were targeted with the papers.

The posters showed a photo of Jews during the Holocaust emerging from the iconic railroad box cars outside a concentration camp with the title “toward the destruction of bodies” alongside an image of ultra-Orthodox Israel Defense Forces recruits bearing the title “toward the the destruction of the souls.”

Another doctored image showed rows of ultra-Orthodox soldiers marching through what appeared to be the entrance of the Auschwitz death camp.

“What is the difference between the terrible Holocaust that occurred on European land and the terrible Holocaust that is happening in recent current years in the Holy Land?” the posters asked.

“The Holocaust of those days was in the European lands and today it is in the Holy Land, the Holocaust in those days was by the wicked gentiles when the Jewish people stood by crying over their bitter fate and did everything in their power to be saved — and the Holocaust today is with the cooperation and agreement of people with the appearance of being ultra-Orthodox,” it continued

Recent months have seen an uptick in sometimes violent action by extremist elements in the ultra-Orthodox community that vehemently oppose the mandatory army service.

Action against the draft have included mass protests by thousands of demonstrators in Jerusalem, Bnei Barak, and Beit Shemesh, cities that have large ultra-Orthodox communities. The arrest of draft-dodgers have also been met with large protests.

Ultra-Orthodox, who for decades enjoyed an exemption from army service, oppose what they say is the IDF’s lax observance of Jewish laws. Recent attempts to cater to ultra-Orthodox recruits have been met with some success, but many ultra-Orthodox soldiers still face harassment, threats, and assault while on leave in Haredi neighborhoods.

Some segments of ultra-Orthodox society refuse to recognize the State of Israel and oppose Zionism, because of their belief that the establishment of a Jewish state should only come after the arrival of the messiah.

Last month a fake bomb was sent to the IDF officer in charge of ultra-Orthodox conscription.

The attacks have drawn denunciation from military officials, the police and politicians. ... holocaust/
Zionist Nationalist wrote:The orthodox Jews just got what they deserve police finally doing something useful

anarchist you dont even know what is it all about but because it makes Israel looks bad for an outside you post this

Israel looks bad because it's behaviour is bad. lol

Israel’s Supreme Court on Tuesday cancelled legislation exempting Jewish religious seminary students from military service, angering ultra-Orthodox lawmakers who could destabilise Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition.

A panel of nine justices ruled that parts of the conscription law that exempt seminary students from service were “unreasonable and unconstitutional”. It gave the government a year to resolve the matter.

For decades, the exemption from military service on religious grounds for seminary students has caused friction in Israeli society, where most Jewish men and women are called up for military service when they turn 18.

The ultra-Orthodox say that their study of the Torah is vital for the continued survival of the Jewish people and also fear that young men serving in the army would come into contact with women and with less pious elements in society.

Special units to cater to their religious need

Several hundred ultra-Orthodox men have, however, enlisted in special units that cater to their religious needs.

Legislation was enacted in 2014 to replace arrangements that had previously expired. It was prompted by then-coalition member Yair Lapid’s secular, centrist Yesh Atid party which ran on a platform of “sharing the national burden”.

That legislation angered ultra-Orthodox parties who rejoined Netanyahu’s subsequent government in 2015 when Lapid’s party went into opposition and they managed to effect a watering down of the law.

'Deeply harms equality'

Eight of the nine justices ruled the law should be scrapped and Supreme Court President Miriam Naor, wrote that the most recent arrangement that was made to appease the ultra-Orthodox parties “deeply harms equality in a way that damages the constitutional right to human dignity.”

Since Israel’s founding in 1948, ultra-Orthodox politicians have campaigned vigorously against the conscription of members of their community, who make up about 10 percent of Israel’s population of 9 million.

Netanyahu’s government, which controls 67 of the Knesset’s 120 seats, includes both ultra-Orthodox parties, but two other influential factions oppose a further relaxation of the legislation against conscription.

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri, the leader of the ultra-Orthodox Shas party, said in response to the ruling that the justices were “completely detached from our heritage and tradition and from the people.”

He encouraged seminary students to continue their Bible studies and said: “Do not despair, continue to study the Torah, we will stand firm and will do everything to fix this situation.”

Lapid, whom opinion polls have shown to be a possible challenger to Netanyahu in future elections, convened a news conference to praise the court’s decision, saying it had delivered a verdict that would force equality among communities.

“This is why we have come to politics. Conscription for everybody, work for everybody. Benjamin Netanyahu can no longer continue to wriggle out all the time. Military conscription is for everybody, not only for the suckers who don’t have a party in his coalition,” Lapid added.

(REUTERS) ... mption-law
Zionist Nationalist wrote:Orthodox Jews are scum and leeches they make tons of children and avoid paying taxes or go to the Army
I would happily kick them all out.

How dare they have lots of kids, avoid paying taxes and conscription as well. Deport them all, the men, women and children. lol

Zionist Nationalist wrote:Those orthodox Jews are religious fanatics they have a sick society
and not going to the army is not the worst problem.

I have no problem with Arabs not going to the army

Lackluster skanks have no business in a professional military anyway. They'd fall at the first hurdle!

And prayers before a battle won't help ensure victory! Just don't say that to their faces of course......

Or when holding a Torah say "Aren't you supposed to be reading your regulations manual?" "No the Torah, I have to!" "Don't be absurd, the manual is more important than that! Our lives are at stake!"

anarchist23 wrote:What is the difference between the terrible Holocaust that occurred on European land and the terrible Holocaust that is happening in recent current years in the Holy Land?

There is no holocaust in the so called Holy Land, while Germans, the substantial foreign labour force in Germany and in some cases German held POWS did suffer a terrible holocaust in the second world war. It should be noted that the allied perpetrated Holocaust was concentrated on the German Urban working class, the major demographic which had given least support to the Nazis in the Weimar elections.

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