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By redcarpet
After a Decade of Hamas Control, Gaza's Border Crossing With Egypt Opened Under PA

While disagreements over the Strip's security arrangements remain, the crossing has been opened temporarily for 'humanitarian reasons'
Jack Khoury and Reuters Nov 18, 2017 2:52 PM

Gaza's Rafah border crossing with Egypt was opened Saturday under the auspices of Palestinian Authority for the first time since 2007. The crossing will remain open for three days for humanitirian cases, for those who hold Egyptian passports and for students.

An Egyptian-brokered reconciliation deal last month formally restored Palestinian President Abbas's administrative control of Gaza, including border crossings, however disagreements with Hamas over the Strip's security arrangements had thus far prevented the crossing's opening.

Upcoming talks in Cairo will determine the extent of the crossing's operation after the present three-day window as part of a wider security agreement to be worked out between the two groups.

The Palestinian Authority is demanding routine security responsibility for the Gaza Strip in order to ensure proper operation of the enclave's border crossings. Sources in the PA say that until these security issues are agreed upon, the government will not be able to properly govern in Gaza, including at the Rafah crossing.

Hamas accused the PA of using the security issue in order to delay the crossing's opening, noting that the PA had not yet lifted the sanctions imposed on the Strip in recent months.

Rafah crossing opened. Dunno what to beleive about the delay.
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