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'Ownership' and Cross-Posting

PostPosted:22 Feb 2009 14:35
by Subversive Rob
Sorry if these questions are answered elsewhere (I couldn't find them in the FAQs). Basically, I was wondering whether PoFo is claiming 'ownership' rights over posts that are made in the blogs. As a follow up to this, are all the posts we make on PoFo supposed to be 'exclusive' to PoFo or can they be cross-posted to another source (i.e. can I contribute posts from my own blog to PoFo)?

PostPosted:22 Feb 2009 14:56
by Siberian Fox
Answered here.

Subversive Rob wrote:can I contribute posts from my own blog to PoFo

I don't see why not as long as they are relevant and those posts are your original work (i.e. you have the legal right to re-post them).