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By HoniSoit
Just saw the Right Revolution blog - it looks interesting.

The banner looks great as well. :up:
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By Bosnjak
@Fasces Comrade thanks for invitation.

I believe that the democracy has become too decadent, and that the time of the Cesars is coming, like in Roman Civilisation.
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By HoniSoit
I think if you don't want the Right Revolution blog dead, it should be more inclusive of other strands of rightism and conservatism.

It is now running more like a personal blog than a broad partisan blog.
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By Fasces
The others seem unmotivated to contribute. :|

I did try to include a variety of opinion, but this cannot be a capitalist blog.
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By HoniSoit
Fasces wrote:The others seem unmotivated to contribute.

PM potential contributors with requests for articles.

You may also try to suggest a topic within their expertise.
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