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After studying Marxism for several months, I now think that Marx is a criminologist, not an economist. His critique of Capitalism is based on a moral-materialist framework, one that views the exchange of labor through the lens of collective idealism and Newtonian materialism. Socially, capitalism is a criminal enterprise, so why do Marxists recommend labor revolution when they could infiltrate the legal system? The very act of influencing a nation's laws & customs does not require violent revolution. In-fact, I would argue that Capitalists welcome violent revolution, because market forces will eventually take over and replace communist regimes. The world's leading communist regimes are politically faux, and the driving force behind the transition from a capitalist society to a socialist society is technology. It's technology that will change the opinions and attitudes of a nation, and the legal system is the regulatory body responsible for the use and limits of technology. Alas, I'm curious, why does the political dialectic calculate Marx/Engels as a socioeconomic system of ideas, when its doctrines could be used for the legal interpretation of capital?

Perhaps Marxists should study law, not economics?

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