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Here's a link to a recent article titled "The Anarchist Spirit" by Marina Sitrin: ... izontalism

The article describes how horizontal organizing principles are widely used in many of today's social justice movements even though, as the article quickly mentions, there isn't a very large anarchist movement in the world today. Historically there was the Free Territory of the Ukraine (1918-1921) or the Spanish Revolution during the Civil War of 1936-1939 along with other historical examples.

But in today's world there a successful attempts to create autonomous, egalitarian communities in Chiapas and supposedly in Zomia. And purportedly in Rojava there is a movement organized along the principles of democratic confederalism that is supposedly inspired by the ideas of New York anarchist Murray Bookchin.

In other places we have seen the Recuperdad in Argentina, self-organizing in the Exarchia district in Athens, Greece and even in the U.S. there was the Common Ground Collective in post-Katrina Louisiana and Occupy Sandy where anarchist principles of direct action, self-organizing, mutual aid and solidarity were successfully implemented.

What do you think of anarchism and similar attempts at egalitarian self-organizing in today's world?


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