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This subforum says that anarchism is "no government " . I wouldn't exactly say that anarchism is no government, maybe some forms like anarcho-capitalism are for no government interference, but in general true anarchism is actually pro-government in many respects. Anyway that's another topic.

My real question is the fact how society makes me feel, and others I suppose though I have yet to find them ( perhaps you are here among these forums *shrugs*), like an outsider because I really don't care about money. In fact if I didn't have to work to feed myself, clothing and have shelter I wouldn't work for other people at all. I'm self-motivated, so I don't need monetary intentive to get things done that I want done. Technically one, like myself, could work for themselves today, but it's highly unlikely your business would survive against today's massive corporations that are taking over small business. Not to mention the thought of running a business is just not my thing. I don't like the term entrepreneurship either, if I invent or create something that improves humanity then that is absolutely wonderful, but I don't need monetary incentive to have that desire to invent or create something new to improve society. If you're not self-motivated to do something then it's not something you really, really want to do deep inside. I also wouldn't take the money if something I create or invent improves society, the reward is in itself (There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?- Salk ) If I did take the money from something I invent/create that helps improve society I would give it all, and I mean all, back to another worthy cause which also helps improve humanity as a whole. I love to read, I love searching for the truth of the really big questions in life, so money is the last thing on my mind. I love living by myself, I would love to have a companion, but most women seem pro-capitalism, material girls, I doubt I would ever find a woman that is into self-sufficient, anarchistic, simple living. I believe in mans ability to create a utopian society, he just has to want to do it.

Anyway I feel like I have some kind of mental illness because I don't care about money in the least, seriously not in the least. Milton Friedman has said everyone is greedy, well I must be an alien from another planet because I'm not at all greedy. I truely want to fit in, to be greedy, to own big yaghts with half-nude models in binkini's everywhere, to live in a castle or mansion, wear expensive clothing and jewelry, but in the end I really, really don't care about any of that, believe me I have tried but it's just not me. If women can't except me for being me, the true utopian-optimist I am, then I guess I live the rest of my life a virgin, I have a lot to offer otherwise so forget them if they can't except my Walden lifestyle. I love to read, meditate, think about life and the big questions, and I don't need much money for that really, especially with all my local libraries. So would you say there is something wrong with me since I don't care about money or would you rather say that is just how my pro-capitalist society makes me feel about myself? And that there is actually nothing wrong with me for not caring about money, rather it's just I am said to have a "mental illness" because that is just their way of excluding and cutting me off from their capitalist tribe?

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I think it's interesting how modern psychology is really focused upon disorders, and the idea that if you don't behave or feel as expected of you there is something wrong with you. In contrast we might look at "traditional psychology" as presented in religions, where you are certainly part of the problem sometimes but the world is also viewed as fundamentally corrupt, so if you don't fit into it in some ways that's acceptable and, they would argue, even normal.

IMHO modern psychology is an extension of the Moloch-like demonic nature of the ecnomy, in that it is subservient to economic motivations. You never see or hear of pscyhology monks making due off of donations as they try to help people, the way you sometimes see and hear of religious people who are performing a similar "service".

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