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The 'no government' movement.
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Here's a link to a recent article titled "The Anarchist Spirit" by Marina Sitrin: ... izontalism

The article describes how horizontal organizing principles are widely used in many of today's social justice movements even though, as the article quickly mentions, there isn't a very large anarchist movement in the world today. Historically there was the Free Territory of the Ukraine (1918-1921) or the Spanish Revolution during the Civil War of 1936-1939 along with other historical examples.

But in today's world there a successful attempts to create autonomous, egalitarian communities in Chiapas and supposedly in Zomia. And purportedly in Rojava there is a movement organized along the principles of democratic confederalism that is supposedly inspired by the ideas of New York anarchist Murray Bookchin.

In other places we have seen the Recuperdad in Argentina, self-organizing in the Exarchia district in Athens, Greece and even in the U.S. there was the Common Ground Collective in post-Katrina Louisiana and Occupy Sandy where anarchist principles of direct action, self-organizing, mutual aid and solidarity were successfully implemented.

What do you think of anarchism and similar attempts at egalitarian self-organizing in today's world?

I am against anarchy because anarchists are people who need capitalist motives to motivate them to work, but who refuse to work because they are REBELLING against authority that is WITHIN the capitalist mode of production. They don't rebel against capitalism, they rebel against the AUTHORITY in capitalism. And how can this be proven by basic logic?

Why is it that when one tells an anarchist to stock shelves, the anarchist replies,

"No, stop being "racist." Stop "harassing" me."

Those filthy druggies use political correctness to defend themselves from not working. Is it really "racist" to stock grocery shelves?

Anarchists have little in common with socialists. Many anarchists view socialism as the same as fascism! Some anarchists viewed the Soviet Union or the DPRK as fascist countries. Some anarchists viewed the DDR as fascist as well.

Some anarchists view working with no capitalist motives is slavery. This shows how stupid anarchists are because anarchists need capitalist slavery to motivate them to work. Going against slavery (having no currency) is slavery?! Anarchists make no sense.
Stop Corruption wrote:What do you think of anarchism and similar attempts at egalitarian self-organizing in today's world?

Equal rights egalitarian, or Procrustean equal results egalitarian?

Self organizing is all very well, but an economy above the hunter-gatherer and nomadic herding stages requires secure, exclusive land tenure, and that requires an authority that can apply force to administer possession and use of land. That authority is government, which is by definition the sovereign authority over a specific area of land.
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