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Hello, I hope you can suggest podcasts you think I would enjoy but you can also suggest ones that you just know you enjoy if you listen to those sorts of things. Or perhaps other media sources. Now I am mostly interested in political, ideological, philosophical oriented casts. The reason I am looking for new podcasts is I think the few that I am listening to may have to go out the window for better ones. You see I have had a political, philosophical, ideological journey in which I have not stayed firmly in one place.

I started as a teenager listening to Rush Limbaugh mostly because I wanted to listen to something when I do my homework. Then it moved to listening to John Stossel and Ron Paul, then onto people like Stefan Molyneux but not him specifically. Then I read up and started rejecting many philosophical assumptions Molyneux and other anarcho-capitalists/rothbardians hold dear. I started moving leftward or more progressive even on basic things like equal pay for male/female which should be apparent but many who call themselves ancaps would deny any problem. I started feeling more like the group "Bleeding heart libertarians" who often attack the "NAP" as a non-axiom and proclaim that whether "free markets" create a better situation for everyone / the worst off in society is essential to the systems moral legitimacy rather than a non-consideration. "Bleeding heart libertarians" seemed more open even to what conservatives would call "welfare" and one of their main authors wrote an article about the potential pro's of a guaranteed income or the negative income tax. Currently where I am at is I saw the last film in the Zeitgeist movie series. I have also listened to a couple of podcasts by TZM (the zeitgeist movement) Global. I very much enjoyed it. I now find myself agreeing with the host of the Zeitgeist movement podcast about 100% over the anarcho-capitalist he was debating in the Aug 21, 2013 episode.

Besides this general move more left in some directions in my journey I find some other problems listening to podcasts I am familiar with. I find people using extreme language that probably doesn't fit the situation. A podcaster will say "want to take our guns" for someone if I probably researched I would find out, no she doesn't want to take your guns, she wants background checks. I find such harsh language a failure in basic journalism. If I listen to Joe Rogan he will most likely promote pseudoscience or something weird.

I might like to listen to people who are versed in many sides to an issue. While I am now against wage labor ect. I find that in this structure we are in now I don't find it feasible to subsidize with money a college education for everyone. But left progressive like the last Green Party presidential nominee seemed to support this sort of subsidization of the college industry which could not lower prices. So it could be annoying if I have to constantly listen to that sort of left popular stuff. Is anyone getting any sort of general idea of the sort of media I might enjoy? I may also enjoy things that explain topics well such as climate change and the science that is under attack by creationists in America. Having grown up essentially taught not to believe scientists (sorta haha) , I could use even more understanding in these topics. In depth critique of religion is interesting too. I am an agnostic/atheist so I don't mean straight criticism but more along the lines as what I used to do when I was a Christian which is in depth study of theology.
Help me out plz, thank you
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I assume that means no you don't have any suggestions as far as media goes. I don't think in paragraphs but I did decide for eye pleasure to attempt to enter some breaks/paragraphs in there. So I guess I decided your suggestion was good though worded in a way so as to mock me.
You will eventually get used to Decky's "intellectual" comments.

I can't help you though, I am currently getting through the audio book of Mises' Human Action, have you read/heard it ? I certainly won't be going left anytime soon.
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