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The 'no government' movement.
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By warsmith17
I'm writing a paper on Anarchism in the United States from about 1914-1920. I'm looking for any kind of primary sources, preferably accounts of those actually involved in the movement, as well as any ideologue that I should know about. Stuff about the deportations would be valuable as well.

So far I'm looking into Bakunin for general ideological background, I'm also looking into Gallieani and Goldman. Any help is appreciated.
[quote="Orestes"]I don't have much in the way of precisely what you're looking for, but maybe this aspect of the Sacco-Vanzetti case would be interesting to mention somewhere since it's little known and fits the context of deportations:

Philip V. Cannistraro, Mussolini, Sacco-Vanzetti, and the Anarchists: The Transatlantic Context[/quote

Thanks for the help. I've moved my topic to free speech fights, specifically the one in Tarrytown New York. One thing I love about leftists is that their sites have tons of old pamphlets, speeches etc.

I can also say that I've become much more sympathetic to anarchism, especially the group I'm writing about.
Do you have access to proquest? I did a paper on the First Red Scare a while back, and there are a hell of a lot of interesting newspaper articles about the anarchists and socialists from that era.

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