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Murray Bookchin was a prominent anti-capitalist and advocate of society's decentralisation along ecological and democratic lines. His ideas have influenced social movements since the 1960s, including the New Left, the Anti-Nuclear Movement, the Anti-Globalization Movement, Occupy Wall Street, and more recently, the democratic confederalism of Rojava.

The Meaning of Confederalism by Murray Bookchin (Left Green, 1990)

He was a central figure in the American Green Movement and the Burlington Greens.

Ecology and Revolutionary Thought by Murray Bookchin (Anarchy [UK], 1964)

Thereafter Bookchin concluded that American anarchism was essentially individualistic and broke with anarchism publicly in 1999. He placed his ideas into a new political ideology: Communalism (spelled with a capital "C" to differentiate it from other forms of communalism), a form of libertarian socialism that retains his ideas about assembly democracy and the necessity of decentralization of settlement, power/money/influence, agriculture, manufacturing, etc.

What is Communalism? The Democratic Dimension of Anarchism by Murray Bookchin (1994)

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