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Campbell Newman is on the nose. He's in danger of being ousted from his own seat. He's come out with some pretty dumb stuff, only electorates which vote for his government will receive local funding for instance.

The LNP Newman Government currently has a staggering large majority and yet this election is starting to look close. How did they turn it around so fast?

I think they will scrape in and Newman will lose his seat. Thoughts?
Queensland election 2015: Labor set to pull off stunning victory; Newman concedes Ashgrove

ABC News

Labor looks set to pull off a stunning victory in a cliffhanger Queensland election, after securing an "extraordinary" double-digit swing that has ended the political career of Premier Campbell Newman.

Labor is on track to claim 45 or 46 of the 89 seats in the state's parliament, after going into the poll holding only nine seats.

"My political career is over," Mr Newman told Liberal National Party supporters as he conceded defeat in his seat.

The LNP has not conceded the overall result, but ABC election analyst Antony Green has said projections suggest "there is a Labor government coming in Queensland" - at worst relying on one of three crossbenchers.

"You'd have to put the money on Labor forming government," Mr Green said.

A handful of seats were in doubt when counting was stopped at midnight, including Caloundra, Mansfield, Mt Ommaney, Redlands and Whitsunday.

Looks like Newman will be another one-term Premier. Oh how sweet! Another Tory suffers one-termism.
Nice, now we can have have Tory policies form people in red ties instead, hooray! The working class will be rejoicing in the streets.

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