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There are days when I’m utterly fed up with intrusions I face going about my daily business.

Purchasing products or services without having to sign up for something (usually under the guise of a ‘discount’) has become quite rare.
I was given a voucher for an ‘experience’ as a gift but before I could redeem my ‘experience’ I had to hand over all my personal details.

You go shopping and you’re always asked if you have some kind of rewards card.

You want to join a gym and you need to hand over your life story.

How am I supposed to gauge the worth of my personal details if they aren’t even recognised as legal tender?

Fuck identity theft. I’m just over being forced to engage with people when all that should occur is a transaction of currency for products or services rendered.

The problem is, how the fuck do you turn back the tide? I think the answer lies in monetising personal details. For all the talk of social media companies and their exploitation of psychological weakness - they could help alleviate the problem by setting some kind of basic price for the acquisition of personal details.

First name ($5)
Surname ($10)
Email address ($30) so on and so forth..and I’m not saying those are the right prices, they’re just an example.

We’re getting fucked over massively and no ones doing anything!
Yeah, why are you giving them more information than they need? Nothing says you have to be honest to get an e-mail.

I have two. One for junk and one for business. Junk male is rare, and I never get shit mail because I don't plaster my e-mail everywhere.

You worry too much, methinks. :)
You don't need an alter-ego. You simply use one e-mail for work/business, and one e-mail for all your porn and other devious stuff(like Pofo). :lol:

No need to get all dramatic.
Half the time I don’t even know where these establishments get off asking for your details. It’s everywhere! Like I said either in the form of a competition or a discount or some other scam.
It’s all pervasive in my locality...obviously not that big a deal for Ter and Godstud..but I should have known that really..
@ness31 Your locality? You are on the internet, just like Ter and I. What's the difference? By location do you mean naughty sites? :D
No, not naughty sites silly. When you purchase stuff online you accept it it as part and parcel of that interaction. But in bricks and mortar retail and services - that’s where it bugs the be-jezuz outta me..
You always have to be very careful which boxes you check off, or you can be inundated with junk mail.
:lol: Is that your explanation for my e-mails not being inundated with junk? Do you have a source for this claim, or is it just whiny pettiness on your part?

Booo hoo hoo! I am ness31 and I am a victim of the internet!!! :lol:
Godstud, I am not privy to your emails. Who knows what interesting morsels one might find in there, but you sound like the sort who’d be fairly forensic with their electronic communications. Dare I say, Hillary could have learned a thing or two from you bro ;)
I only limit my shopping to a few websites. With gmail, most of the emails go to the promotions tab and I hardly go to that tab. When I do, it's select all and delete all. :)

I still have a hotmail and yahoo mail, but I let those fill up with crap. I don't use those for business or important stuff anymore.

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