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Recently I had this discussion with some of you here. I want to add to my argument.
I claim that we all pay our taxes with a mix of both sorts of dollars, but vastly mostly bank created dollars.
I understand the fact that in the payment process the dollars in the check we write is converted into “reserve” only dollars. I claim that that fact is not relevant.

Most Americans are familiar with the Biblical story of Jesus vs the Temple moneychangers. I strongly feel that the Jews who took their Roman coins to the Temple to give them to God were giving those Roman coins to God. I claim that the fact that the moneychangers converted those coins into Hebrew coins that were appropriate to give to God does not effect the fact that the Jews used their Roman coins to give them to God. They had no other coins to give. The Temple authorities used those coins for whatever they needed to buy. They just had to get them from the moneychangers in exchange for the Hebrew coins the Jewish taxpayers had given them.

In the same way, (as a self-employed carpet cleaner) I got most of my income in the form of checks which I deposited. The dollars in those checks were part of the money supply. The money supply is a combination of bank created dollars and reserve dollars; even though the reserve dollars never actually leave to Fed. Res. system. The dollars I got from my customers were what I used to pay my taxes, the fact that they were converted into pure reserve dollars does not change the type of dollars they were at the time they left my control and came under the control of the banking system.

This is how I see this question.

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