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[Capitalism]: Adam Smith betrayed his own morals.

Even though he wrote https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_The ... Sentiments , the following YouTube video shows that 2 years after he wrote wealth of nations to seemingly campaign against mercantilism, government managed/ controlled economy, he was lured by the plump salary of a civil service job to, of all things, enforce government tariffs and protectionist trade (see 7:36):

[youtube]Yuwz4FTYeh0[/you tube]

Thus, whilst people may call Adam Smith the father of economics, to say that he was actually a person of good morals was perhaps to overlook the fact that he self-contradicted (overturned) his own moral idels and sold them off when offered a plush government job (doing just the opposite of what he originally felt was morally sound all along).

Thus, Adam Smith was a fallen angel who betrayed his own morals just like any other.

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