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Hello there PoFo, I thought it would be wonderful for those of you with longer attention spans to listen to this three hour audio book that is about how the American Dream is no longer real for the vast majority and the reasons for its demise. Chomsky's book is very well written. I found it kept my attention while snacking or drinking water or even washing dishes etc.

It is worth your time. If you can't do the whole three hours. Listen to the first 15 minutes and comment eh?

Do you think he is right about the American Dream? Chomsky really is a very interesting intellectual. He was born into a very working class family that is from Eastern European Jewish ancestry and his father started out in a Baltimore sweat shop (as he mentions in the audio book and was able to slowly climb into middle class life and got a PhD as well). Mostly through a set of principles that have to do with equality.

Why does the equality thing keep popping up all the time with the Leftists in this forum? Because unless you emphasize that in education, work, society, etc? You don't have any real impetus for allowing poor people to be socially and economically mobile. And that was the premise for the American Dream. That anyone could become middle class or better if they worked for it and followed the rules. Do people feel that is still the case? Chomsky argues that it is no longer the case.

The Requiem for the American Dream is a very interesting piece. I suggest you make time to listen to it. I wish all the Latin Americans who are considering going to the USA? Listen to it too...there is a great Spanish dubbed version of it online too. But rarely does anyone listen to it before trying to change their lives immigrating. They think hell? I got nothing to lose. They do. Their lives, custody of their children, a criminal record, losing the possibilities of voting in any nation for 20 years, being shunted aside and risking their progeny winding up in a for profit prison system in the USA without any future worth dying for for sure. But? If people don't wake up about reality of the nonsense about the American Dream?

There is going to be a whole lot of furious people and the ones living the lies and wind up waking up from that deception someday? Will be fighting mad. That is what happens when you think selfish stuff is eternal. It is not.

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