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[Labour Justice] All foreigners should bid for standard work permit, COE style.

Only category available= 1 year work pass option, paid lump sum in advance before COE is issued.

For unused portion, will be refunded like 75% unused, refund 60%. 50% unused refund 40%, 25% unused refund 20%.

Daily work pass for visiting workers celebrity chef, licensed professionals requiring shorter employment periods or prior to successful bidding of annual COE employment pass will pay a daily rate double that of the PQP (last 3 months annual COE bidding result)

Benifits of this:
1) cut bloated manpower at MOM because much easier to manage, no need to check qualifications and S/E pass salary level cos no point employer cheating and getting salary refund from foreign employee to operate a bribery slush fund. Just make sure businesses using foreigners are not vice related. The job/financial uncertainty of employment will be shifted from Singaporeans (current) to foreigners (ideal situation) and their employers.

The total number of foreigners will be fixed and Singaporeans will work hard to make the Singapore economy more resilient because they know that the system is transparent and honest, unlike the present where different tiers of workpass work to cause Singaporean retrenchment and corruption within the Singapore economy.

2) will improve Singapore total defence since there will be Singaporeans working at all levels. Even construction companies and maid employers need to bid for the foreign work pass COE so more Singaporeans will do these menial jobs for high salary which will not be depressed by the thousands of menial work foreigners since only limited employee COE is available and only employment of Singaporeans is excused this requirement.

3) More companies will train Singaporeans for senior management jobs (or ask C suite foreigners to adopt SG citizenship) as well as prioritise hiring citizens because every citizen hired will mean less employee COE costs overhead for company and exemption from need to bid a profits eroding price for employee COE.

4) Singaporeans will stop hating/ suspicion of epass foreigners for stealing lunch/ corrupt employment because there will not be any such category with one standard foreigner employee COE. Any foreigner at any level must really be worth his hire because there will be no more hiring of foreigner to get kickbacks (s/e pass holder salary refund to employer slush fund).

5) Singaporeans will be more resilient and stop depending on foreign maids (need to bid for foreign employment COE) or pay the correct wages for someone to do cleaning, cooking etc on hourly wage or contract basis. No more butt jokes about NSmen having their maids defend Singapore on their behalf.

6) Government and citizens will have to do proper skills planning. Citizens have more security rather than sudden policy change allowing s/e pass at cheaper rate and their job in certain sector is suddenly devalued due to gahmen policy change. Gahmen also needs to forecast talent needs early, since COE system makes foreign labor use transparent and so gahmen will not be able to knee jerk promote certain industries overnight flash in pan style, at high expense to Singaporeans financially and emotionally as well.

7) more benifits I will later add more... .

Cheap maid levys mean an army of maids in Singapore, less rugged Singaporeans and greater inequality because only people living in bigger residences can hire maids (at a relative levy discount) :
SAF, exercise Torrent (contractors have much access to cheap labor with generous worker ratios and also s/e pass salary kickback arrangements, to operate slush funds, possibly to bribe SAF generals for well funded SAF projects like removal of bus stops) :
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