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Noospheric :excited: Conditions
Another study suggests coffee is really great for your heart
Paypal founder Peter Thiel funding world's first floating city
Two ways to take human nature seriously
Sending in our nude photos to fight revenge porn? No thanks, Facebook
It's time to tax companies for using our personal data
Russia seeks to 'weaponize' information
Watchdog warns of 'high risk' digital currency offers
Tiny human brain organoids implanted into rodents, triggering ethical concerns
First digital pill approved, worries about biomedical 'Big Brother'
Even moderate alcohol consumption may increase risk of certain cancers, experts warn
Greece hopes its economy can get high from medical weed
Astronomers have found a planet so massive it might not even be a planet
Autistic people aren't really accepted – and it's impacting their mental health
Smart semiconductor materials and IoT creates opportunities for new communication technology in the lighting ...
An AI designed to guide humans through the end of life is already among us
China suddenly has way more of the world's most powerful computers than the US
Wave Optics: beam-envelope method efficiently analyzes photonic components
The richest 1% now own more than 50% of the world’s wealth
Nearby planet is 'excellent' target in search for life
Scientists hatch bold plan to save planet from supervolcano
Rarely seen 'prehistoric' shark with 300 teeth caught
Next-generation optogenetic molecules control single neurons
Elon Musk's “verbal approval” for a hyperloop inadvertently came from the White House
Climate change puts millions of people in vicious cycle of food insecurity, malnutrition and poverty
How big would an 'alien megastructure' have to be?
DARPA funds drone that disintegrates itself after use
Tanks seen heading toward Zimbabwe capital: witnesses
Elderly doctor: I lost my license because I don't know how to use a computer
New Study: THIS is what happens to your brain on sugar
Is sex addiction a proven diagnosis?
Space War: how the Air Force plans to defend the final frontier
Transparency of machine-learning algorithms is a double-edged sword
Dark-matter hunt fails to find the elusive particles
Superconducting nanowire single-photon detector sets efficiency record
We took a scientific look at whether weed or alcohol is worse for you — and there appears to be a winner
Lab-grown 'minibrains' are revealing what makes humans special
Black holes, curved spacetime and quantum computing
NSA cyber weapons turned against them in hack
AI will obliterate half of all jobs, starting with white collar, says ex-Google China president
Rise in teen suicide connected to social media popularity: study
Health experts debunk fentanyl poisoning from shopping carts after police Facebook post
The Air Force has invested $26.3 million in a high-energy laser for fighter jets
Big data can help solve the Alzheimer's puzzle
The NSA should delete its trove of data on Americans
Women are less likely to receive CPR because of boobs: study
RhetoricThug was here
Cloud computing makes everyone their own chief information officer -- Is that a good thing?
Israeli scientists make paralyzed rats walk again
This week's "Planet Earth Report" --The zombie gene, Antarctica's super volcano to 1st alien contact -extinction or ...
Bill Gates just bought 25000 acres in Arizona to build a new 'smart city'
Here's why sexual assaults are less of a problem in Canada
IBM ups its quantum computing game
Superhero actresses are using their power to take on Hollywood sexual harassment
Assassin's Creed Origins' predicted The Great Pyramid Of Giza discovery
Russia's 'evidence' that the US is helping ISIS is footage from a 2015 computer game
Too many higher education journals – here are the best ones
Are humans actually more 'human' than robots?
Mystery blocked passage discovered near Mayan temple could unlock secrets of ancient civilization
With stricter guidelines, do you have high blood pressure now?
Genome editing: are we opening a back door to eugenics
Four fireball meteors flashed across the sky over the US and Europe on Tuesday night
Study claims quark fusion may be the energy source of the future
Metal 3D printing at 100 times the speed and a twentieth of the cost
New discovery shows our prehistoric ancestors were making wine 8000 years ago
Study: 90% Of bike accidents preventable by buying car like a normal person
Two supermassive black holes are set for a catastrophic collision that will send shockwaves throughout The Universe
Humans traveling to Mars may soon be possible but survival is a complete unknown, expert says
Religion triggers same brain reward circulatory as gambling
Penn State student given 18 drinks in 82 minutes before hazing death,
What can DNA tell us about the damaging effects of air pollution
Men hooked on porn 'want bigger willies' like the well-hung stars, study claims
New study shows what would happen if the US went vegan
Human trafficking still a problem
The real meaning of Original Sin
Facebook safe from massive privacy lawsuit for now
Proposed NASA mission would investigate where space weather begins
Seeing the beautiful intelligence of microbes
Man works through cancer to stay normal
With genetic engineering and hubris, these biology Olympians compete to improve on nature
Managers aren't doing enough to train employees for the future
15000 scientists just signed the largest-ever warning about Earth's destruction
Switching to organic farming could cut greenhouse gas emissions, study shows
US Scientists try first gene editing in the body
Boston Dynamics is still making creepy robots under SoftBank
Psychopaths love Justin Bieber's music, according to a new study
Men more at risk of rare heart attack after making love: Research
Students turning to 'sugar daddies' to pay for university
Federal education panel sidetracked by squabble over livestreaming
'Nothing about it felt right': More than 50 people describe sexual harassment on Capitol Hill
Escaped North Korean soldier fights for life after being shot crossing DMZ
Today, world leaders will meet to decide the future of “killer robots”
Madagascar plague death toll rises to 165 as scientists fear deadly virus WILL reach US, Europe and Britain and could ...
Google is removing more extremist YouTube videos amid increasing government pressure
Scientists discover human skin heals faster during the day
Officials raise Iran-Iraq earthquake death toll to at least 530
Global directed energy weapons market outlook 2017 growth, trends and forecasts 2022 Lockheed Martin ...
JFK's death will forever be controversial
Killer robots are almost a reality and need to be banned, warns leading AI scientist
A radioactive cloud from Russia swept over Europe — and no one knows why
New ad formats for virtual-reality and binge-watching
Head Transplants: Sergio Canavero is about to perform the first human surgery—and there's nothing to stop him

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