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By mike4july1972
Duke University is generally considered to be a good school but there many very wrong things that happen at this University. This includes extreme incompetence, corruption, falsification of documents, physical violence, horrific human rights abuses, etc. I have been trying to bring those people to justice for many years but because of lack of responsibility of doing the right thing by the people at Duke University, in the USA and in the whole world, the issues are still unresolved.
I studied politics and public policy at Duke University as a graduate student in 1998 and 1999.
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By Iron Ant
I hear it was founded by John Wayne.

But I think that was just a fluke.

Of course there really is nothing there to rebuke.

Since the entire place was destroyed by a nuke.
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By GirdYourLoins
Mike4july, you are tossing out nothing but generalities. What corruption exactly? Which documents were falsified? Other than an entire Lacrosse team being wrongfully accused of rape, what human rights abuses have occurred?
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By Drlee
Well I, for one, would never attend a school named after my neighbor's (two doors down) Doberman. What were they thinking. I admit though, I did not know the dog was that old.
By mike4july1972
I do not answer questions here in “Conspiracy Theories” because my theories are not conspiracy theories.
I have passed all the courses at Duke University and William Ascher, Francis Lethem, Stephanie Lamm, etc. try to make it look as if I have failed “Economy vs. Ecology” course. These people used illegal physical violence against me, tell lies about me, etc. I have published a lot about that.
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By Iron Ant
And besides, in science a theory is a body of verified and proven facts.

You can not prove these conspiracy beliefs because there is no real hard evidence to support it, just claims and argumentation.

For example, the nano thermite that the Truther's say is in the dust of WTC.

But no one else can find any and the guy who did the "Study" will not release his examples to the scientific community.

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