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By Sybil

Just found the Everyman copy on my shelves. When will the threads begin?
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By HoniSoit
I've actually got David Harvey's new book about reading Capital that grows out of his online lectures.

Anyway, despite being quite busy with reading other stuff, I am ready to take part in the book club so long as we pace the reading appropriately i.e. not too fast, as I want/have to read it at some stage anyway.
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By Le Rouge
I've got my paper-back copy with an intro by Ernst Mandel. When should folks have the first chapter read? Or should the first chapter be broken up?
By Sybil
I've listened to the intro by Harvey in his online lectures. Good stuff.
By Sybil
I find that putting it on an ipod or mp3 player helps so that I can listen while digging trenches. :D


It does wonders for the concentration.
By Sybil
I find walking and listening good too.

By the way, I study, work, and garden all from an inner suburb of London.

Good luck.
By Sybil
Stay as close as possible to the posh areas and walk/bus/cycle to cheap gardening plots in slums as I do. ;)

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By Vera Politica
Donald wrote:It is tucked away in there somewhere.

not all of capital is included in the Marx-Engels Reader. It only includes selections from chapters 1, 4, 6, 7, 10, 12-16, 25-27, 31, 32 and they are incomplete. Capital has 33 chapters and an appendix counting in at 1138 pages. The selections in the Marx-Engels Reader count in at 145 pages with a larger type-face.

Buy Capital.

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