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By Sybil
Having read a bit then listened to the 1st chapter (available on Librivox), and listened to the intro by Harvey, I'd say that the first few chapters might be a little hard to "get into". It only really piqued my interest when in the 4th section of the 1st chapter, he began to speak of The Fetishistic Character of Commodities. I'll be reading it more closely in the near future. Could we perhaps take the first few chapters by sections?
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By Vera Politica
I do not have the time right now to set up a reading schedule. However, depending on what the schedule looks like I may not be able to participate. I think that if we really want to get this off the ground we should have a very SLOW reading schedule but encourage A LOT of debate and discussion concerning small, discrete sections. I don't think we should get through Capital in one summer (since many people are busy with other things), but rather read it slowly, critically and exhaustively. I have read most of it already and it does take a lot of attention and close reading to get through many sections.
By felipe_acbr
Hi, I became aware of this thread just today. Are you still planning to do the reading? I am very interested.
By anticlimacus
It's already at your own pace. Some posts have been made on the first chapter on the commodity. Although it's probably time to move on from there...
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By fuser
I think summer is here...Count me in too... Just finished the First two lectures of david harvey..I don't have a hard copy right know, so reading online right now
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