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By Chill
Wolfman wrote:You're correct that I was incorrect about the formula.

No I didn't mean you. Potemkin said I was incorrect because he thought I said humans were stronger than chimps but I didn't say that at all. :roll:

Also, I find relative strength not very meaningful in reality. As strong as an ant, I might kill it without even noticing.
By Wolfman
Weight to Strength Ratio has two normal applications:
1. In physics. It's important to know how strong two different materials are relative to their weights. If one is planning on building a building, it's good to know it wont collapse under it's own weight
2. In Exercise Science. This is more related to the issue about a chimp being strong enough to fire a rifle, but is more seen in application relating to strength comparisons between two athletes.

Comparing relative strength between an Ant and Human is way out there. Except maybe as a curious bit of information.
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By Thunderhawk
Weight to Strength Ratio

means smaller ratio = better.

Since most people generally think of bigger as better, the ratio is more often structured as a strength (or power) to weight ratio.

A to B = A/B
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By Demosthenes
You guys are arguing about gay shit. We have a video of a chimp firing an AK. It's cool even it's fake. Stop FUCKING IT UP!!

Talk about freaky revolutionary chimps OR GO BACK TO GORKIY YOU WHORES! :eek: :knife: :D

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