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Typhoon wrote:I believe there are many restrictions on gun ownership in Russia like much of Europe, the military scene is dominated by the well known players like Izhmash and the Tula Arms Plant.

As far as I know the primary restriction is price.
It was something like a quid an AK 47 round the other year.
The M16 uses bullets that use gunpowder, and the arquebus uses gun powder to propel its bullets, does that mean the m16 is ripping off the arquebus?

Compared to other missile weapons of the 16th C, Yes.
Compared to missile weapons of the 18th C., No.
Compared to other weapons of the 20th C., No.

Comparing to contemporaries and those a generation or two older is much more appropriate then comparing something from ages ago. Is the Ak-12 ripping off the m-16, copying others who ripped off the m16, or is the modern age and arms development so far ahead that its design is just adopting the obvious?
I can't wait to see the AK-12 reverse engineered by the China so that the price becomes cheaper. Rebels around the world would be grateful for the price reduction.
I'm obviously a fan.

I'd like one chambered for NATO 7.62.

You know... just in case voting doesn't work 'n shit. ;)

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