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I said before that the birds were already up and they are.

Space Tracking and Surveillance System


Two demonstration satellites were launched together on a single Delta II launch vehicle.[3] Launch took place September 25, 2009, from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Space Launch Complex 17.[4] One of the two satellites had been shipped to Cape Canaveral May 4, 2009; the second satellite arrived at the launch site on June 25, 2009.[5][6] It was reported[7][8] that several items of debris, identified by amateur satellite watchers as remnants of the Delta-2 launch vehicle[9], had crashed in a field in Mongolia on the February 19, 2010.

They are set up with the Space-Based Infrared System. (SBIRS)

The the SBIRS already provides advanced targeting and the next generation was real time targeting through multi-phenomenology space situational awareness (SSA) sensors for space-based systems.

The next generation SBIRS goes from the previous IR system to, atmospheric compensation and temperatureemissivity
separation models for space-based thermal infrared hyperspectral imaging. PB 2013 Air Force

Now on to the lasers.

They talked about shutting down the projects in 2001, but they are still active today.

What they "shelved" was the Photonic Phase-Locked Elements (APPLE) and the Tactical High Energy Laser > Discharge Excited Catalytic Oxygen Iodine Laser (DECOIL)*

The above projects can be found here.

What they continued with is space based high energy lasers that are megawatt class. Here is a full spec doc from 2007 on the Megawatt Class Free-Electron Lasers.

What they expect from the system: Look under military utility.

Now these are space-based laser weapons meant to be used against ICBM's... not ground to space. The hype is on a space-based relay mirrors and as good as they are, they are what is legal, not the extent of our capabilities.

The (SBIRS) show concept and ability now, all one needs is a Megawatt Class Free-Electron Lasers and the real time targeting that the SBIRS already provides.

This is all old news and one should gather that such systems, if not more advanced ones, are already in place.

That is not even counting the Brilliant Pebbles program and that also still gets annual funding.
Igor Antunov wrote:This missile is almost identical to the JL-2 "Yi", which is a submarine launched variant. It features identical range and carrying capacity. The CEP for both land and sea launched variants is 50 meters. So, very accurate.

I was wondering about this.

That means they can fit it with ship buster warheads.
Well that's all the anti ship ballistic missile (DF-21) is, a modified medium range missile that can carry multiple kill vehicles. It would get above a carrier or fleet, then decend straight down onto it with multiple maneuverable warheads. Kind of like that American tank killing weapon designed to strike them on the thinly armored top.

The challenge lies in hitting a moving target, but ships are huge and the warheads are many.
Agreed but a sub that can sink a ship from 2,000 km away is not the same as a sub that can sink a ship from 12,000 km away.

The difference is the number of subs you need in the ocean to be able to hit any ship anywhere at any time worldwide.

I don't think hitting a moving target the size of a ship at 25 miles an hour is the same challenge as hitting a satelitte the size of a car at 25,000 miles an hour.
If they can spot it, they can hit it.

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