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Sorry I took time to get back. I had to pray hard for guidance on the new rules for voyeurism:

The divine guidance I got went like this

Social, tell them we will give them a chance, if they donate for the Nest Egg and behave, they come to heaven where they get issued wings, a musical instrument, and are dosed with eternal joy. If they don't, they go to hell and Lucifer will do all sorts of indignities to them. The last thing they'll worry about is sex, I assure them. The young guy who thinks so much about beaver needs to get laid. Marry him to an Eskimo and she'll put his dork on ice.

This means sex is out. You are just projecting your flesh into the heavenly realm. This is sinful and you must donate. And the ticket to fly to Noktoyatuk is on your desk.
By Quantum
Paradigm wrote:Image


In many ways, the Democratic party are more dangerous than the Republicans because the latter doesn't pretend to care about the 99%.
By Buzz62
By Buzz... 8)

Friday is a wonderful day.
Last day of work, tomorrow's for play.
Except for me, it's not very nice.
I have to get up and get the spawn on the ice.
Hockey in the morn, and evening too.
Then Sunday again, out to freeze anew.
So I look forward to death and some much needed sleep.
Then I'll come back with a plan that I'll keep.
I'll have only girls, all pretty and cute.
I won't buy them sticks, or teach them to shoot.
That's how I plan, to perfect life on Earth.
By playing it smart, and spawning girls to birth.
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By Paradigm

The Surreal IRA claims responsibility for the snow currently falling on britain. We are happy to say that Operation Shrinkage was a success resulting in the closure of many schools, disruption of traffic and presumably a lot of people falling over. Don't listen to british media, this is NOT terrorism. The aim of Operation Shrinkage was to give the brits a taste of the shite weather that their presence inflicts on the people of Ireland.
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