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Dear Bashey,

This email brings you an important message about the Defence of Syria.
We believe Syria to be a lovely country and admire many beautiful
Olive Trees and Apricot Orchards you have growing there.

And what a lovely big river you've got.
It's the river that brings me to the main Arrow Point of this article.

Someone wants your big river and the water that runs through The Euphrates.
Whoever they are they have lots of guns. The gun is very unpopular in
America at the moment and you should follow America's lead and ban it.

About the recent Israeli bombing of your Military Research base.
It's just water under the bridge. Forgive them.

But this is important. You can't defend a river with guns.
Only bows are an effective weapon at defending rivers.
The river is natural. The bow is natural.

You must ban guns from your land like nukes are banned in Iran.
Arm all your citizens with bows and arrows and order them to shoot
anyone seen carrying a gun.

It is like a Palestinean child armed with a rock and taking on an Israeli Tank.

But bows are more popular with Europeans who have a long and noble tradition
of warfare shooting arrows through the heads of competing tribes.

Bows! Got to be Good for Yew.

If you get this send message me some Syrian Apricot Cider.

Juan Li
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Juan Li don't let them discourage you. They don't understand you worry about the influx of foreign workers bearing Stars of David as a disguise to hide their true intent, which is to destabilize the Middle East inducing a war between Akkadians and Sumerians. I support your cause, and have been introducing free microwaveable plastic ware into the region.

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