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Dar gunna tuk away ar guns! The NRA says so! Nevermind how the NRA is a front group for gun manufacturers whose profits go up when people are convinced that the government is going to take away their guns, and then gun and ammo sales spike.

So let's go buy some guns and gun accessories and paraphernalia and go show our support for... guns... because Obama gonna take them away, yeah!

^ that's what these Tea Party libertarian GOP gun nuts sound like.
For fucks sake, urban liberals know jack shit about the NRA or gun rights' movement. The NRA holds a more comprehensive gun licensing course than the government itself, and it's heavily concerned with responsible ownership. It also works with the Sierra Club to provide clean, expansive wildlife areas, a lot more than greenpeace has ever done.

Protecting the second amendment is the least of what the NRA does, but because your side is so cocksure guns are evil, mean devices for lesser men you end up thinking it's all about arms manufacturers and not responsible ownership.
Figlio di Moros wrote:blah, blah, blah

Image You hit THAT nail, right on the head!

WHAT is it, that makes folks NOT see the forest for the trees?

That makes them think that REAL truths that are presented to them are just so much hot air?

Could it possibly be the fact that they don't know from whence they speak,
and expect the exact same from others?
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