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Just food for thought.
Will any country (not necessarily an immediate power) develop a disease so virulent it could kill almost anything it touches? I'm thinking an airborne version of Ebola Zaire. Or so long as we are calling it an Andromeda strain, a disease whose waste products freeze/coagulate blood?
There are viruses like that already, the issue is that there is a cure-vacine. If its developed, there will always be a vacine.

Russians have been experimenting with Marinburg for decades now, consider that the original version is deadly the experimental versions are even more deadlier but the issue with those viruses is that there is a vacine for them. Somewhere in underground vaults untill its needed
Well allegedly it doesn't. Countries have been experimenting with it for 40 years. So the chances of that are unlikely in my opinion.
Ebola lacks the ability to be used as large scale weapon. The infection develops to rapid to spread wide. Normally it affects a community, wipes it out and then dies off. The Virus is not adapted for human organism. Thats the fault of the Virus. It damages itself with killing the host.
Anything that kills its host is an unsuccessful parasite. The reason it wipes out a community is that it would have a break in an isolated African community. Since Ebola (Zaire/Sudan) spreads through bodily fluids, it may spread through mass Malaria immunizations, where a dirty needle is used, or when the host dies, Its relatives might kiss the body, where virus particles spread into their mouth. Whereas an airborne strain (a human Ebola Reston) could spread around the world in days, before patient zero dies, due to its incubation period.
The Soviets/Russians already did its called militarized smallpox it was produced in the late 70s and early 1980s. The modified strain infects and amplifies quickly and kills the subject about 80% of the time. Transmission methods: inhalation, fluid exchange, contaminated clothing and bedding, and skin to skin touch. It has a long incubation cycle that allows it to spread widely before the first symptoms appear.
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