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By SE23
I was pondering, Africa is in such a bad state, its debatable whether it has always been like this, prior to colonialism, so it has to be asked which system is best for Africa. Could a government with an extreme ideology such as socialism or fascism ever work in the lands, as democracy seems to be too weak for the region. Thoughts and opinions welcomed.
Africa has vast natural resources: If collectivized rather than lining the pockets of foreign corporate leeches and homegrown kleptocrats, living conditions would surely improve.
Japanese right-socialism. Adapt it to Africa's peculiar situation in this way and in this order:

  • Set up protectionist/mercantilist policies.
  • Establish universal education in all regions that you control.
  • Send students overseas to more advanced countries to learn how to establish and build industries and then bring those people back and set them up in positions to do that.
  • Allow wealth accumulation to occur under the watch of the state which is controlled by the party and the military.
  • Begin linking different territories by rail, to facilitate movement of goods, a development which would be driven by those who have accumulated wealth and are making products.
  • Recognise the needs of labour, and begin the national syndicalist phase. Promulgate the concept of 'enterprise is family'. Set up a corporatist institutional framework to facilitate social bargaining and wage negotiation, mediated by the state.
  • Use tariffs to encourage people to buy within the trade bloc.
  • Islamic and Christian fundamentalist terrorists have appeared and want to ruin your progress. Declare war on terror, unify people around that war. Kill all terrorists.
  • Erect giant statues of war heroes and murals of women in uniform holding guns.
  • Use the collectivist experience of that war to cement the corporatist system into place.

EDIT: Actually, this adaptation looks kind of like Ba'athism.
and finally invade Europe.

Frankly all above suggestions will remain fantasy for a very long period of time precisely because as Africa exists today, it is a necessity for the current hegemonic world economical system. This world can never allow Africa a progressive revolution, never. The vast resources coupled with marginalized cheap labor is absolutely necessary to maintain the current hegemony.

After all Africa did had series of progressive revolutions in last century all culminating in failure because of the usual suspects.
mikema63 wrote:My ideology is the best ideology for everybody (basically what everyone's reply is going to be)

Other than that it being obvious, there's something wrong with this?
I would imagine that Africa was a complete state before colonialists arrived. Rampant disease and corruption would have been the order of the day much like it is today. A lot of history books will tell you that businesses and government were much more organised and efficient and less corrupt under colonial rulers and it stands to reason that that would be true. You really need your own government, rulers and population to adhere to those basic principles of law abidingness to become as powerful and advanced as the Europeans. Conversely, you only get to the level of African impoverishment and backwardness because the rulers and population totally reject those principles.

I can’t see any ideology working for them if hardly any of them can abide by the rule of law. Democracy (like capitalism) is one of the more easy and naturally corrective systems that you could implement without having to have too disciplined a population. From what I know of Communism and Fascism, they require way too much discipline and selfless commitment to an ideology which the Africans just don’t seem capable of. Hardly anyone in the world has the mentality to live under a truly Communist or Fascist system, let alone Africans.

So to answer, there’s not a lot we can do really except leave them to it. I would suggest going in there and ensuring that elections are fair, keeping tabs on the government and removing certain people who are getting in the way of progress and democratic change- but that’s basically colonialism. One method to use could be making any aid we give them conditional on them making reforms and opening up their economies to our businesses and therefore our rules of conduct within those businesses. But according to some Tory politician I suggested that to, that’s unacceptably colonialist as well.
SE23 wrote:Which ideology suits Africa?

Any and all policy decisions should be made only with a good understanding of the various natural and human factors to be found in each African country. Trying to fit disparate countries into a single ideological framework is only doomed to failure (as the post-colonial attempts to form 'Socialist' and 'democratic' governments have repeatedly shown).

Put more simply, the government for Country Z should, more or less, be uniquely Z-ian. That doesn't mean that ideas can't be borrowed from other ideologies, but it does mean that one should avoid trying to ape a European (or Japanese) project too closely.
United as a loose republic, develop a united cultural identity and start to actually work together, no matter how long that may take and how hard it will be. This coalition / group will continue to be friendly to China for all the benefits it provides but wields far greater bargaining power.

What ideology do you call that? Pan-africanism or something I think.

Well a guy tried something similar and got killed. His name is Ghadaffi.
Agreeing with Oswald, i would add a form of isolationism; i don't mean to disallow trade with the rest of the world, but not allowing foreigners(foreign governments mainly) to interfere in local issues so the Africans can sort things out themselves.
Also a coöperation in OPEC-style setting the selling price of various natural resources would give them some economic leverage.
Socialism that is lead by Deutschland.

- Abolish all religions collectively.
- Execute all religious extremists.
- Execute all corrupt individuals.
- Abolish currency.
- Abolish social hierarchies.
- Abolish crime.
- Establish strict labour camps for those who refuse to work.
- Have lots and lots of education that teaches self management, and advanced sciences.
- Create a strong, industrial revolution that will extract lots of natural resources that could be used by Deutschland.
- Destroy human trafficking.
- Give death penalties for domestic abuse, rape, and social decay.
- Make Madagascar a state for the Jews, so that Palestine could be free.
- Execute anyone who goes against the progression of Africa, since Africa is stuck thousands of years...
- Establish advanced, efficient cities around industrial and mining sectors where the workers can live in. These cities will have lots of public transportation, and renewed energy.
- Establish lots of water dams.
- Establish lots of solar farms.
- Establish lots of wind farms.
- Raise mental illness awareness, since there's LOTS AND LOTS of unreported mental illness in Africa.
- Get rid of STD's.
- Abolish recreational drug usage to prevent social decay.
- Keep Africa under German control, since Africa will NEVER have the ability to self manage a socialist economy. They can't even manage capitalism, which is less advanced than socialism.
SE23 wrote:I was pondering, Africa is in such a bad state, its debatable whether it has always been like this, prior to colonialism...

Anyone who thinks Africa was a beacon of peace, human rights, and high standard of living prior to colonization would be insane.

It's not up to us to debate what ideology suits Africans, it's up to each African polity to decide for themselves.
Statecapitalism firstly developed by Saddam Husein and perfected in China.

Big cimpanies are owned by the state small companies in private hands which can also become large.

For example DR Kongo the small miners sell Coltan to white pilots for 2 $ but the world marketprice is 120$.

A state company could buy it from miners and sell it on the world market.

Better would if they would extract the rare earths and then sell it on the world market.

Nigeria has oil but not an rafinery for growing domestic need. They have to import gasoline from Europe
A cynic might say Africa doesn't have the capability to properly apply any ideology.

Sometimes I've felt maybe they would just be better off hiring an expert from Japan to make their policy decisions, put that group of foreign experts in charge of half the government revenues.
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