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Every year, on average, about 22,000 white women are raped by blacks in the US. Conversely, 0 black women are raped by whites. Never even a peep about it in the mainstream media.

Would like to hear everyone's thoughts about this.

Also for people who live in other countries, is it likewise in your country?
1. Citation needed.

2. The data is clear that rape correlates with poverty and not race. Poor whites rape at the same rate as poor blacks; and though numbers are blurry for the elite, it's been suggested affluent whites rape at a higher rate than affluent blacks (the latter being new money with eyes on them, the former being pillars of power used to getting everything they want).

3. Black women tend to be very vulnerable to rape by whites and rarely report it. Which is why things like this happen.
When you read rape stories, the identity of a victim is not always clear because rape victims do not want their real names or identities published in newspapers. Probably that's why you don't read much about interracial rapes. Moreover, it was a single year in the 2000s (2005) when white rapists didn't attack black women and the number of black victims significantly increased in the subsequent years. Overall, 67.2% of rapists were white and 29.9% were black in 2014 and 44.5% of white women were raped white males in 2005. The FBI also includes verbal threats of rape and threats of sexual assault in rape cases, which inflates the number of rape victims.


The first attack occurred shortly after 7 p.m. Aug. 1, 2010, when a man in a white pickup truck gave a ride to a woman at Disston Street and Torresdale Avenue in Tacony. The man drove to Pennypack Park, hit the woman in the head, and raped her.

The second woman was accosted about midnight Aug. 3, 2011, while walking on Torresdale Avenue in Tacony to get cigarettes. A man in a white pickup offered to drive her but instead took her to Pennypack Park, where he beat and raped her. ... rapes.html
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mikema63 wrote:How about an unbiased data collecting source and not a link to a site called conservative headlines?

I believe the CDC collects rape statistics, try there.

The US Dept of Justice keeps such stats. Feel free to take the time to search them and post them here or any other source you want to look up. Thank you.
Nice try Dr. Mikema, but how about we just stick to factual sources, like the white supremacist, Confederate-themed link (scroll down to the bottom of that page) provided by Scamp saying that whites don't rape blacks? Everyone knows the CDC kowtows to Obama's agenda.
I dont know about you guys but i dont trust statistics showing black people as criminals in a country that has so many racists.

I mean really. White people in the US barely do any crimes while black people. The same who are oppressed for most of history of the US and until now in many areas just happen to do all the crimes.
Really ? Doesnt this propoganda seem familliar to anyone ??
I don't know about you, but whenever I see a white supremacist source provided by someone nostalgic for the days of the Confederacy, I accept it at face value, especially when the claims are seemingly outrageous, like the claim that whites don't rape blacks. What possibly seems suspect or insanely exaggerated about that?
mikema63 wrote:I'm not going to do your job for you.

You are advancing the argument, you provide the statistics and links.

Don't be lazy.

I provided a link. If you want to blindly refute my so. Otherwise it stands.

Furthermore, if anyone can find any stats on this issue, please by all means post it. Thank you.
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Scamp wrote:Every year, on average, about 22,000 white women are raped by blacks in the US. Conversely, 0 black women are raped by whites. Never even a peep about it in the mainstream media.

Would like to hear everyone's thoughts about this.

Also for people who live in other countries, is it likewise in your country?

I think that black men find white women attractive, but they do not have a lot of chances to have sex with a white woman (except prostitutes), that is the reason why black men rape white women.

White males do not find black women attractive, that is why they do not want to have sex with them.

That may be called "white racism" against blacks, but I do not believe that the buzz word "racism" has any rational meaning.

What to Europe and Germany - white males find Asian women very attractive, but they do not have to rape them, they can buy them.

White women are usually raped by non-white males, but the establishment tries to hide these statistics.
A common right wing weasel tactic is to put up a shitty link and steadfastly continue to assert nonsense without evidence.

You are being lazy, and I will not do all the work for you and pretend like your argument is worth my time.
Even the questionable source clearly states that the statistics do not support the claim of no white on black rapes. It merely says that the sample size was too small to be counted.

The same stats also says that men are never raped, which would imply that prison rape does not occur. This is obviously incorrect, so the stats must be analysed critically.
The denial on here is astounding. No one has to take my post for fact. Anyone can call the source racist. But the fact that no one here can post a reputable source that says otherwise speaks volumes.
Can anyone even post one single news report where a white man allegedly raped a black woman in the US? Anyone?

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