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Tainari88 wrote:I don't have to do a damn thing Fin thinks I have to do. I am not from his life experience, I am not of his sex, I am not of his ethnic group, or his class background and I certainly don't owe him anything. I am a native born Puerto Rican, and the only people I need to worry about their opinion about me, are the people who know me and love me, and care about me, and my own people :lol: . Not his offense to my 'tone'. He would never survive Latin American politics. Even the Right wingers in our ranks are passionate people with a lot more leadership abilities and colorful phrases than the boring robots that just obey out of fear of losing their seats one sees in that Republican repulsive party.

The thought experiment as you say Potemkin is quite effective. If you take the conditions a lot of our Latin American poor have to cope with day in and day out? And you place these little snowflake sensitive rich white men with privileges and they got to live those conditions? They would be screaming bloody murder day and night. Blacks. Latinos, the poor all over the world have to cope with some heavy difficulties. And they got to be strong and resilient and be able to solve problems or perish. It is the only way. One of the few advantages of being dirt poor is having to learn to stop thinking you are the center of the world and that a Golf Trophy has value when you can use a plate of rice and beans instead. You don't live with false illusions of grandeur and life starts teaching you to appreciate the basics in life. Like a roof over your head, water in your mouth, and food in your belly and being able to grateful for what you have today and not how you can lord it over the most vulnerable of the world and live with the illusion that you are superior because if you have more money or mundane power it must mean you are better. No, you are not. You are really just thinking life owes you something. When it doesn't. Mother nature is not going to care if she decides she is going to hit Fin's hometown with a tornado. Or he has a fire and loses it all, and or some catastrophe befalls his bank account, (the true tragedy in life for the Conservative thinkers), and then he goes and tries to prove he cares by donating while he feels Puerto Ricans are not his equals as he does it? Where is that progress? You need to LIVE the value of EQUALITY. Live the damn thing in your head and in your heart and in your life! Not just your percentage of a very generous income. All this time he had to build compassion, love and caring for the 'inferior' types...he could have spent building up friends with a sense of equality instead. That might be pre-disposed to help him if he does take an economic hit someday. I aint interested in lording it over people. I just want to love them and care about them. But I won't stand for injustice Potemkin. Not today, tomorrow or ever. That is helping the crap that is bad in the world remain the same. Do nothing? Change nothing.

But? If you choose to rant and rave against a people because they don't fall into your preferred tone? How is that superior?

He did not fool anyone. How can he? ;) Always a pleasure Potemkin.

Oh my! @Potemkin I think Tainai88 is starting to get cranky with all of the ‘Gringosplaning’ going on. Don’t know what you plan to do, but I’m thinking it’s time to bail out of this thread before she comes after us with a broom.
Oh my! @Potemkin I think Tainai88 is starting to get cranky with all of the ‘Gringosplaning’ going on. Don’t know what you plan to do, but I’m thinking it’s time to bail out of this thread before she comes after us with a broom.

Nonsense. One simply has to know how to talk to these natives. They seem to appreciate a kindly word now and again, while still knowing their proper place in the natural order of things.


who is the man in the animal print? He looks scared... :D

@foxdemon , you are a slippery fox, you have not said if you are an Australian or what? I am upfront with people always and I would appreciate it if you told me what nationality you are, your political affiliation, hobbies interests, etc. I like learning about others who are the opposite of me no matter if the are slippery! :D
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