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By Zamuel
Several companies are now planning semi-luxury "Space Vacations" for the Ultra-Wealthy. Availability is projected as early as 2022. Book early, Reservations may be limited.
Now a company called Axiom Space is giving those with piles of money and an adventuresome spirit something new to lust after: the prospect of an eight-day trip to space that is plush, if not entirely comfortable, and with a bit of the luster of NASA as well. (click the URL for more details)

Zam :eek:
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By Godstud
Book now for huge discounts!!!
I thought you were referring to the board game "Ticket To Ride." You should play the board game "Ticket To Ride" sometime, excellent game to play. My wife and I play it all the time against each other. She stomps my rear end all the time.
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By blackjack21
They could cut the price a bit if they sell one way tickets. ;)
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