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Albert wrote:Why so? How can you tell?

There's too much fuss about him and he must have great legal assistance, neither of which is an attribute to common "working class" people without any serious backing. Now we also know whose agent he is, which is no surprise at all. I knew he was an agent as soon as noir started posting (lots of tweets) about him.
Albert wrote:Not so at all.

I think what is happening here is that the current war between Western neoliberal imperialism and Muslim independence struggle is being taken advantage off by some European nativist and nationalist to highlight the issues with multiculturalism in struggle against mass immigration. I do not think it is a good approach to single out Muslims, but nevertheless it is the one narrative that is winning and becoming mainstream at the current moment.

You also have to admit though that Muslims terrorism has made this easier to happen.

It is very dangerous.

Europe cannot afford to have a civilisational conflict with a civilisation so close to it's borderlands. It would be suicidal.

If people like Geert Wilders or Tommy Robinson take power there will be an increase in domestic instability in Europe. Radicalism will increase and to make the situation worse the entire Islamic world will turn against Europe, including at an official government level. And the Muslim world will get support from China which will use it as an opportunity to expand it's influence there, and even into the Mediterranean.

The Israelis would get a blank cheque to do whatever they like with full support of European governments, dragging Western powers into more long wars in the Middle East.

And remember, the only reason the West is in conflict with the Islamic world at the moment is because we keep interfering there. Once we leave this part of the world the situation will improve.

Unfortunately the arguments people like Tommy Robinson and other right wing liberals make in favour of civilisational confrontation are not at all compelling. The social conservatism of Muslims is only troubling for someone who is some sort of extreme social liberal as a lot of Westerners are.
Beren wrote:People are wrong to believe Muslims are the new Jews in Europe, they're rather considered the same way as gypsies, refugees especially, that's how it is in Hungary at least. Both Zionists and the Israeli government should realise there's a special place in Europe's big warm heart for Jews that can't be taken by anyone else. It's amazing how the far-right have become their favourites while Corbyn is the anti-Semitic boogeyman. :roll:

Europe needs peace with the Muslim world. It's the only way for a sustainable future.

One must remember that WWII and the Cold War were wars against ideologies and certain countries or alliances of countries, notably the fasicsts led by Nazi Germany and communism led by the Soviet Union.

But these anti-Muslim types of people do not want an ideological struggle against only a country or collection of countries but a whole civilisation. And it is this civilisation with which Europeans need to engage and be on good terms with for their own stability and prosperity.

There needs to be an end to this clash of civilisations and there are possibilties towards it, but no one in Europe is going to be willing to pursue them.
Political Interest wrote:It's the only way for a sustainable future.

What makes you think that the future has to be sustainable?

Oh great, anti-Semitic Labour is all up in arms against Nazis. :roll:

Apparently it was masked men that attacked the bookshop, how can they identify the assailants?

Found the video myself, yes apparently the eggheads did do it.
blackjack21 wrote:What makes you think that the future has to be sustainable?

It amazes me that a rightist would not want a sustainable future. The whole point of politics is so we can live well and in peace.

And if something is not sustainable then what do we do when it is no longer sustainable?

For example a civilisational clash with the Islamic world, what do we do when that is no longer sustainable?
Political Interest wrote:The whole point of politics is so we can live well and in peace.

That is an incredibly naive outlook. :eek:
Albert wrote:@skinster
Apparently it was masked men that attacked the bookshop, how can they identify the assailants?

Because the alt-reich are retarded:

Thankfully one of their number had the absolute genius idea to film themselves planning and carrying out their anti-social and borderline criminal antics. ... 72afc6a94d
blackjack21 wrote:That is an incredibly naive outlook. :eek:

Hardly naive. I do not think most people will support political parties that are going to put them into perpetual wars and conflict. Most people vote so they can live comfortable and peaceful lives. A civilisational conflict will bring about the opposite.
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