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ingliz wrote:They were captured on CCTV walking past a petrol station 500 yards away.

This evidence is important and is damning. It's just to much of a coincidence. lol

This is in the Guardian not some rag of a paper.

Skripal suspects' account of Salisbury trip does not add up
The explanation offered by the men known as Ruslan Boshirov and Alexander Petrov for their trip to London and Salisbury throws up as many questions as it answers.
They say they were so keen to visit Salisbury cathedral that they travelled to the city on two consecutive days.
On Saturday 3 March – which the British authorities claim was the date of a reconnaissance mission – they got to Salisbury train station but say they were driven back by snow, even though local newspaper pictures show people going about their business with little difficulty. They were less than a mile from the cathedral – perhaps a 12-minute walk – but say they could not get there that day.
The next day they accept they may have been close to the house of Sergei Skripal, the former Russian spy, at the time his home was sabotaged with nerve agent, although his address is almost two miles from the cathedral – their supposed destination in Salisbury and nowhere near other attractions they say they were interested in, including Old Sarum and Stonehenge.
What reason do Boshirov and Petrov give for being in the UK?
They claim they were in the UK for pleasure rather than business. They arrived on Friday 2 March and say the UK was gripped by transport chaos. That is true – Storm Emma had met the so-called Beast from the East, causing a blast of heavy snow. More than 1,900 flights to or from British and Irish airports were cancelled. In Wiltshire, a major incident was declared.
Why do they say they decided to visit Salisbury?
Skripal suspects display impressive command of Wikipedia
Petrov said their friends had been suggesting for a while that they visit the “wonderful” city of Salisbury. The pair said the initial plan had been to make a day trip. “One day in Salisbury is enough. There’s not much you can do there,” said Petrov. “It’s a regular city. A regular tourist city,” said Boshirov.
What do we know of their movements on Saturday 3 March?
The British authorities have said the pair left their hotel in east London and arrived at Waterloo station in the capital at 11.45am, where they caught a train to Salisbury and arrived at around 2.25pm. They were in Salisbury for just under two hours, leaving at about 4.10pm. Why such a short stay?
Petrov said the pair had planned to visit not only the cathedral but Stonehenge and the ancient settlement of Old Sarum, which is north of the city centre.
The Russians were so keen to visit Salisbury Cathedral that they travelled to the city twice.
We wanted to walk around the city but since the whole city was covered with snow, we spent only 30 minutes there,” said Petrov. “We were all wet.” He added: “It didn’t work out because of the slush. The whole city was covered with slush.” Petrov said they returned to the station and spent around 40 minutes there drinking coffee in the station cafe. “We were drenched up to our knees,” added Boshirov.
The account makes little sense. The cathedral is only 0.8 miles from the train station – a walk of around 15 minutes. They could easily have strolled there in the half hour they said they spent there. There was snow on the ground but people were going about their business. The Salisbury Journal’s live blog showed that by the time the pair were there the snow on city centre pavements was sparse.

So where were they if they couldn’t make it to the cathedral?
British counter-terrorism police have said they believe the 3 March visit was a reconnaissance mission. But the police have only released one image from Salisbury on the Saturday – the men at 4.11pm at the railway station, about to return to London. No images or timeline have been issued of the men’s movements around Salisbury that day. The British police have not said if they were seen near the Skripal house.
They seem well informed about the cathedral?
Petrov takes the lead on his description of the cathedral: “It’s famous throughout Europe and, in fact, throughout the world, I think. It’s famous for its 123m spire. It’s famous for its clock. It’s the oldest working clock in the world.” He later refers to it as the “cathedral of the blessed Virgin Mary”. The phrase is a little clunky and is not commonly used in modern-day Salisbury. But Wikipedia does use the phrase and gives details about the spire and clock.
Why do Boshirov and Petrov say they returned on Sunday 4 March?
They say the snow had melted in London and it was warmer. “We really wanted to see Old Sarum and the cathedral,” said Petrov. They imply that this time they did reach the cathedral and possibly Old Sarum. “The cathedral is very beautiful,” said Boshirov. The pair said they took pictures at the cathedral – and would have been spotted by CCTV cameras there. No images have been released by the counter-terrorism police of them at or near the cathedral. Sources at the cathedral said they have no knowledge of them visiting. They could not have visited Old Sarum – it was closed.
They say they visited a park and coffee shop. Security officials – and Salisbury citizens – will prick up their ears at the mention of a park. Queen Elizabeth Gardens was cordoned off and searched after Charlie Rowley and Dawn Sturgess were poisoned with novichok. The pair had been in the park the day before they fell ill. Police have said they do not know where the suspects dumped the novichok used in the attack on Sergei Skripal’s home.
Does the Russians’ account tally with what British police have said?
According to the UK authorities, after arriving in Salisbury at 11.48am on 4 March, the men did not go straight to the city centre or the cathedral. They should have turned right into the city if they were on the tourist trail. Instead they turned left and walked directly to the residential area north-west of the city where Skripal lived. They were caught at 11.58am by a CCTV camera at a Shell petrol station on Wilton Road. On the opposite side of the road is a tree-lined path that leads up to the Skripal house on Christie Miller Road. If they went straight to the house and carried out the attack, they would have been at the Skripal front door shortly after noon.
What did they they say about the Skripal home? Did they go close to it?
“Maybe. We don’t know,” said Petrov. “Maybe we passed it, or maybe we didn’t,” said his colleague. There is no reason for them to be anywhere near it – it is two miles north-west of the cathedral.
What did the pair do next?
The Skripals were victims of Russia – but not necessarily of Putin.
About an hour after the attack, at 1.05pm, they were in the city centre on Fisherton Street, according to the British authorities. The police have not given details of how they got there. At this point they were within a few minutes’ walk of the cathedral. There is a gap of about 40 minutes in the timeline the police have provided between when the pair were seen in Fisherton Street and when CCTV footage picked them up at the station at 1.50pm on their way back to London. Why spend so little time in Salisbury? Again they say they were put off by the snow. “There was heavy rain with snow … so we left early,” said Petrov. If they were so keen to get to Stonehenge, they could have made it. At 9.39am English Heritage was tweeting: “We’re looking forward to giving all our visitors a warm welcome to Stonehenge today. We’re open until 5pm with last tickets at 3pm.” ... not-add-up
We wanted to walk around the city but since the whole city was covered with snow, we spent only 30 minutes there,” said Petrov. “We were all wet.” He added: “It didn’t work out because of the slush. The whole city was covered with slush.” Petrov said they returned to the station and spent around 40 minutes there drinking coffee in the station cafe. “We were drenched up to our knees,” added Boshirov

anarchist23 wrote:This evidence is important and is damning


The petrol station was the closest they came to Christie Miller Road and it is over 500 yds from the Skripal's front door.

Was the novichok laden 'perfume bottle' the super gun of atomisers?

ingliz wrote:Why?

To much of a coincidence.

What's your spin on this?
Regarding Boshirov and Petrov....
their passports had near consecutive serial numbers, differing only by the last digit – one ending 1297, the other 1294.
They purchased return tickets from London to Moscow for both Sunday 4 March – the day the Skripals were poisoned in Salisbury – and Monday 5 March. Boshirov and Petrov took the first of the two flights. ... -attackers
@ingliz they said in the interview they went with the intention to see the cathedral.

@anarchist23 clearly has no love for British security services or police so is the only one here going against the grain.

This is interesting development.

Two Russian men were arrested earlier this year on suspicion of spying on a Swiss laboratory investigating the poisoning of Sergei Skripal, a newspaper investigation has claimed.
Swiss publication Tages Anzeiger and Dutch paper NRC said they were arrested in the Netherlands earlier this year.
The Swiss lab analysed samples from the poisoning of the former Russian double agent in the UK.
It has also dealt with suspected chemical weapons from the war in Syria.
The two men were expelled from The Netherlands shortly after their arrest, which had not been reported until now.
A spokeswoman for Swiss intelligence told the BBC that the agency had been actively involved in "the case of the Russian spies", without mentioning the laboratory at Spiez, near Bern.
But Tages Anzeiger said the Swiss intelligence agency had confirmed the findings of its joint investigation with NRC.
The report says the two men had equipment that could have been used to break into the laboratory's computer systems, and also alleged that they worked for Russian intelligence.
@ingliz , from the same live journal - the conditions in Salisbury, posted 2:09pm, March 3rd:

You're seriously claiming that Russians who travelled hundreds of miles to visit Salisbury cathedral would have been turned back by that? And that they'd return the next day and then walk in the opposite direction to nothing, apart from the Skripal house? No, of course your're not. You're not that fucking stupid. You're just trolling.

Jesus, this is as bad as the alt-right incels here trying to pretend the car driver in Charlottesville didn't murder that woman.

anarchist23 wrote:This is in the Guardian not some rag of a paper.

The Guardian has been warmongering scum for years, how did you miss that?

Try OffGuardian instead. Media Lens is good too.

I watched some of my mother's TV this evening. CNN was reporting this story as if it was proven that Russia is responsible for the Skripal poisoning. I didn't see any proof on display. I can see why a lot of people have fallen for this ongoing conspiracy theory. I bet the BBC is similar to CNN in its reporting, but I haven't bothered to check.

Prosthetic Conscience wrote:It's a complete crock of shit, and you know it. I have no idea why you worship Putin so much that you'll eat his shit with such a wide grin, but you really need take a look at your values.

Oh look it's that thing you've repeatedly done ITT where you accuse people of loving Putin for not eating up what's said by politicians or reported on corporate-media.

Maybe you should look at your "values". :D

Prosthetic Conscience wrote:Jesus, this is as bad as the alt-right incels here trying to pretend the car driver in Charlottesville didn't murder that woman.

No, it isn't.
skinster wrote:Oh look it's that thing you've repeatedly done ITT where you accuse people of loving Putin for not eating up what's said by politicians or reported on corporate-media.

Putin is a politician. RT is corporate media. Putin's corporation. Yes, it is as bad as Charlottesville, because you're denying the photographic evidence of murder in front of you because you have a political preference for Putin over Theresa May. Which puts you on the right wing. Quite far right.
I'm not a Putin supporter and calling people supporter of X just because they're not a liberal cuck is really just sad, but I suppose I'll go there too. Oops, went there.

You are quite a twister of things that haven't been said. :lol:

Spare me your sanctimony too. I've told you repeatedly that shit doesn't work on me, especially not from gullible fools.
skinster wrote::D

None of the Skripals were killed. :lol:

The official story beggars belief. Putin orders two assassins(which bizarrely are Russian nationals(apparently Putin doesn't have assets all over the world that can't be traced directly back to Russia)) to fly(commercial :lol:(on the same flight together :lol: :lol: )) to the UK , with a perfume bottle filled with super deadly top secret poison(that was either defective or they weren't properly trained to use given the fact that they botched the hit) and take to Salisbury(on public transportation :lol:( Russian intelligence is too low budget to arrange private transportation)) and smear on a doorknob(these two super assassins didn't have the skill set to break into the house) and then dispose of the super deadly top secret poison in some random trashcan on the street( because these two world class button men didn't think to devise a secure method of disposal), and then proceed to track the residue of the poison all over England right back to their hotel room( they weren't aware that UK counter terrorism could trace the shit), and to do all of this without first establishing a detailed cover story or even taking pictures to prove they were at the cathedral(because Russian intelligence is just that inept). :knife:
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