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B0ycey wrote:She lost her public image and prestige (dignity) the day she married someone 24 years older for what could only be described as... for money. And yet, here she is, standing tall and unfazed as always. She is a very strong lady Beren. Perhaps fit and strong enough for President herself. So we will have to disagree on this one. Also I suspect she was fully aware of Trump's infidelity throughout her marriage and perhaps might even have supported it. So if there are anything that annoys her now is that he was stupid enough to get caught and that would be it.

As a matter of fact I could imagine she loved Trump because he can be charming and married her finally, however, I'm sure it's been over for a while. She didn't lose her public image and prestige when she married Trump because she didn't have any, she'd been a complete nobody before she became Mrs. Trump. She's a strong woman nonetheless, it must be hard for her in the Trump family anyway, so she can survive any shitstorm, but I doubt she doesn't give a shit and remains fully intact in the meantime.
One Degree wrote:@B0ycey
Why do you care about their relationship at all? I don’t.
It irritates me to even be discussing this, so I am out for now. You get a free last shot.

My last shot is simple. If you don't care to discuss their relationship why did you even respond to begin with? :roll:

Although I too don't care about their relationship actually. Only Trumps foriegn policy. Nonetheless if Melania divorced Trump and took half of his estate she would have earned it by him being a misogynist.
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She'd never get half

1. We know Trump routinely undervalued his properties, we suspect he stashes cash
2. Prenuptial

Deciding on divorce is tricky. It's unlikely to be a case of a simple 1 issue case. The thing Hillary and Trump's Missus share is having 1 teenaged child. Figuring out whether a divorce is good for the child is something that must be factored into the mix.
Um yeah, don't want to discuss their sex life or lack thereof. Indigestion...hello! :knife:

Husbands and wives don't have to agree on everything. If they did, I'd wonder if one or both or them were
spineless or just stupid. People should have differing views because people have different experiences and that shapes their beliefs.

I personally would love it if Melania divorced fat-so Trump but she probably knows that when she does, she might not get much unlike Ivanna. Ivanna is probably the favorite ex-wife and she knows how to get what she wants. So in the meantime, Melania can enjoy the benefits she gets as the Trump trophy wife. Only a select few know what benefits she truly gets so I won't waste my time in speculation over it.
Beren wrote:She's made my Saturday. :lol:

Melania Trump parts company with husband's agenda in ABC interview

Melania said she believed her husband was doing a great job for the people as President. And we know at least one thing he apologized to Melania for, because he told everyone about it.

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