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The Guardian wrote:Umunna adds: “You can’t change the status quo if you rejoin it ... We are saying there needs to be a new offer and a new alternative.” He says they will not be joining the Liberal Democrats.

What else will they do then? Commit collective political suicide?

Is Umunna supposed to be their leader, by the way? It's way out of his league if he is, I guess.

Corbyn must be relieved, I think he'd have liked to kick them out anyway.
Corbyn is another under rated leader. If these MPs had left earlier it could have been much more damaging and dangerous to the Marxist position. Corbyn is actually a highly skilled Marxist entryist. He supported the Soviet Union, the IRA and Mugabe as he supports Hamas, Maduro and the Cuban terror regime, but he is quite careful not to say things explicitly. John McDonald has a very similar politics to Corbyn but has been far less disciplined in what he's said over the years.
I see that seven Labour MP's have 'split' from the party to form an 'independent group', why not call it out for what it is, a mutiny by a motley crew of 'ne'er-do-well's within the party who cannot get their own way against the democratic majority in that party.

They deny it of course, but, they all are bigots with deep prejudices against CORBYN, who is determined to create a new paradigm to the Left in British politics.

They all cite, amongst other things, the 'values',BREXIT, anti-semitism, amongst others as their spurious reasons,or smokescreen of prejudice against CORBYN, for wanting a fairer society, based on redistribution, of which, funnily enough, too little is articulated by the party in how that will be done, as it should in the main, by fiscal means.

Who are these 'Trojan warriors', these sheep, in wolves clothing?

Chris LESLIE, Angela SMITH, Chukka UMUNNA, Lucianna BERGER, Mike GAPES,Gavin SHUKER & Ann COFFEY.
Look at these MP's recent record, one can see that adhering to party majority 'values' is not exactly their strong suite, particularly 'democratic' values.

These treacherous 'Trojans', hereafter called the 'Gang of seven', inheritors of another failed coup attempt within Labour, the, 'Gang of four' & they will follow the same route to personal-political oblivion by failure at election time.

They should do the honorable thing & resign as MP's in order that a by election can be called in their constituencies.

Remember, they all oppose BREXIT, they are from the failed 'BLAIRITE' wing of that party, who think, like the Tories do, that, they have a 'divine' right to rule it over everyone else, for that one reason alone, I hope that CORBYN wins the next election-I just do not expect Labour under CORBYN to deliver the goods, anymore than any other Labour government has done in history.

B0ycey wrote:Corbyn is Marmite. Is it really confusing that Labour is two parties merged into one?

Decky would be happy. We now have New and Old Labour.

All big parties are two or more parties merged into one. Umunna and friends are not Labour though, they're renegades who'll have nice and lucrative jobs in the private sector after the next election.
Beren wrote:All big parties are two or more parties merged into one. Umunna and friends are not Labour though, they're renegades who'll have nice and lucrative jobs in the private sector after the next election.

Our electoral system benefits larger united parties because it is FPTP. Although really perhaps it would be nice to have a Centrist Party as Labour need to return to their original values. But it isn't the right time to do that yet.

Nonetheless I think you're right. These seven MPs have basically given up their political careers unless more New Labour MPs jump ship and they form a new party. Nobody will remember independents without a cause at a general election. :hmm:
Beren wrote:So what if more MPs jump ship? They won't be reelected anywhere and they could only help Tory candidates get elected.

I think you underestimate the Corbyn factor. If more MPs jumped ship, the moderate voters would support the new party over Labour given the Brexit shitfest and that nobody seems to trust Corbyn. This could be the UKs Macron moment but it is happening at the wrong time. This should have happened either when Corbyn won his second leadership contest or after an election. Instead we could have a Tory government for another five years because of this. :hmm:
In someones wishful thinking anything can be anything but reality disagrees however. Claiming that people will conduct a mass exodus from the party they voted without the party going into government and betraying them is quite inane.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour received more votes than the Tories in the 2015 election under Cameron.
The Labour party should place new candidates in the constituencies of these seven MP's.

Labour HQ should tell the local membership to engage with the local community,to tell them in no uncertain terms that, if they vote for the disloyal traitors that currently represent them at the next election,that, the hopes that they have, of kicking the Tories out of office in 2022, will be zero.

Do these MP's constituents want, either another Tory government with a working majority, a Tory government, dependent on their former 'Labour' MP's support, or a minority CORBYN government, with no power to make the changes that can only be made by a majority CORBYN government?

They should be in no doubt whatsoever, that their MP's, aligned to no party, are doomed in the way that the SDP were, but which can only play politics, by frustrating attempts at improving the lot of the people who have endured austerity under the sociopathic Tory Party.

People need to remember, 'New Labour' were kicked out of office in 2010, these seven MP's are in alignment with that BLAIRITE wing of the party that the electorate vote out, in favour of the TORIES.

If anyone thinks that the electorate have short memories, by electing 'Third Way' Version 2 'New' Labour, they are simply delusional, politics of the past belongs to the TORIES.

To say that CORBYN's ideas are 18th-19th century is wrong, it's simply 're-balancing' the economic structure for the benefit of the many, not the 'few'.

I have severe doubts on that being delivered, for the simple reason, that, the point at where the power lies to deliver the results(No: 11 Downing St- [b]not No; 10), is occupied by someone who knows little if anything, about how to do it & will simply do what all post 1945 Labour government's do, spend, spend, spend...on 'projects' & not on the real job of redistribution of wealth using the tax system to achieve that.

Those seven MP's, like the 'gang of four', will also become part of the detritus of political after-life, that's what happens to politicians who fail to learn the lessons of political history.
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