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A compatriot from London made an interesting comment on the Universiade in Russia. Here it is:

«You get out of your life what you Putin» —with this paraphrased quote of Clint Eastwood, James Bramley from London talks about his adventures in Siberia. He arrived in Krasnoyarsk as a member of the official delegation of the United Kingdom, also he is making video shooting for FISU. The opening ceremony of student games and the Universiade village deeply impressed the englishman: he tells about the incredible meeting of their delegation by the residents of Krasnoyarsk. His instagram picture shows the Universiade village, a holiday salute, and Russian President Vladimir Putin, who attended the opening.

Foreign athletes settled on the campus of the Siberian Federal University - the village of Universiade. There were opened beauty salons, barber-shops, gyms, souvenir shops. The organizators recreated the spirit of the old russian village on campus: reindeers, huskies, wooden huts, haystacks: all of this flashes every day on photos of athletes that they share on social networks. Athlets all as one say that the level of accommodation impresses them.
«Everything seems top-class. This buildings have everything we need inside. And all the people who are working here — they’re very friendly and fantastic», —says Eaton Walles from Canada.
«Accommodation is great, we’re happy with it. The village is super-super nice», — adds his friend Adam Henry from Canada.
Athletes eat at the large common food court. There are four types of different national cuisines: russian, asian, european and halal. So the selection of dishes to choose from is really wide.
«Oh, it is really good. I like that here are many types of cuisines: four types and you can choose what you want. Generally the food is ok, everything is tasty», tells Filip Klema from Slovakia.
The atmosphere of a great holiday lives in Krasnoyarsk these days. In the evenings, local bars and restaurants are filled with foreigners. They are also easy to meet in any local park. Universiade park on the island Tatyshev is especially popular. Some guests even leave autographs for memory - like the Americans did on this piece of wood.

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