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As you know, Papadopoulos and various media outlets have been talking about his encounter inside an London bar with the blond bombshell Azra Turk.

While her real name is unknown, he's described her as a gorgeous "Fantasy's fantasy" woman who at first flirted and then steered the conversation at his knowledge of the Trump campaign conspiring with Russia.

He's also claimed she was operating on behalf of the CIA and Obama.

In Papa's new book, he describes the encounter and uses it to help manufacture his story of being set up by US Intelligence.

Because the entire story of Papadopoulos -- between the time he was brought aboard the Trump campaign and when he was arrested -- is interesting, one might want to do some research and find the source of this Azra Turk encounter. You some proof that it actually happened.

The problem is, there doesn't seem to be any.

All roads lead to an article from the New York Times which merely states "According to people familiar with the operation."

Other articles say "According to a recent report". Any info as to this report or source, just points to the NYT article.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the NYT is a media source just like any other media source. Do we just believe the NYT? Is that how it works? They tell the truth and everybody believes it? I think not...

I've come up short in finding a credible source that proves that this meeting between Papa and Azra actually took place.

I find it odd that the name Azra Turk is not mentioned even one time in the Papadopoulos section (Or any section at all) within Muellers report. Of course, this could be because Mueller knew she was CIA and choose not to mention her. Perhaps she is completely irrelevant to the investigation even though they spoke about conspiring with Russia. It could also be that she simply doesn't exist.

It has been said by Papa that he and Azra exchanged a couple emails. I'm gonna need a little bit more proof than this.

To me, it looks like somebody simply lied to the NYT, was believed by everyone, and in turn became a convenient component of Papa's book, which is ultimately just an attempt to clear his name and protect his career in politics and reputation.

Prove to me that this London bar get together between Papa and Azra actually took place. I was not able to.

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