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Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson has slammed the US sanctions against Iran as part of a propaganda campaign, saying Washington has imposed every type of sanctions against the Islamic Republic over the past four decades.
In comments on Sunday, Abbas Mousavi said the US sanctions against Iran are only serving Washington’s propaganda purposes.

“The US has already imposed every kind of sanctions it has been considering, and there is no more sanction remaining,” he added.

Pointing to the litany of American sanctions imposed on the Iranian individuals and companies and denouncing the White House’s economic terrorism and war against Iran, the spokesman said there is no more type of sanctions that may have been untried by the US.

“They (the US) have been imposing sanctions on us for forty years, and we have been resisting to them for forty years,” Mousavi concluded.

In remarks earlier this month, Mousavi condemned the most recent American sanctions imposed on Iran’s petrochemical industry as a brazen instance of economic terrorism, saying the hostile move lays bare the US hypocritical call for negotiations.

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