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I would not be surprised if Netanyahu fights tooth and nail all the way for this. The outcome for him, if he can not remain in power is prosecution and more than likely jail. This whole election has been about that issue. He is offering right wing parties their wildest wet dreams (short of expelling all Arabs) in exchange for continued leadership and protection from prosecution. Which has resulted in a really toxic campaign that let the ugly side of Israeli politics bubble to the surface.
Zionist Nationalist wrote:I know. Im tired of his spins and bullshit.
on elections day he posted so many lies and misinformation of Facebook this just got ridiculous

He's finally done. At least it looks like it.

Gantz looks set to lead a unity Government with Liberman holding the balance of Power. A shitty situation in any other country(I'm so grateful we have a proper two-party system in Australia!), but something you Israelis are use to, considering they're more common there.

Unless Netanyahu pulls a shitty act and guns for a third Election. Wouldn't put it past him at this stage.
Zionist Nationalist wrote:The most important goal is to stop the orthodox parties from getting into the coalition. I voted Lieberman for this reason

The orthodox Jews have more children the future of Israel is a Jewish Theocracy
SaddamHuseinovic wrote:The orthodox Jews have more children the future of Israel is a Jewish Theocracy

With the help of education and technology it can be turned around but this procces needs to be started now thats why the orthodox need to be blocked from the government by any means
#15034925 ... ival-gantz

Sooo glad we don't have this type of political system in Australia....

Netanyahu is obviously gone, but he sticks around like a bad smell anyway. Why not just admit defeat and retire?? Announce that you've decided to let go of the PM position and focus on fighting the corruption case and clearing your name instead?
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