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Presvias wrote:But not the one you're talking about....

PG&E is not owned by the government. It's traded on the NYSE. PCG is the ticker symbol.

Presvias wrote:It's cheaper than the $1 BN fine isn't it?

For PG&E, perhaps. For the impact on business, it's estimated at more than $2B to cut off power.

Presvias wrote:there are engineers here, who have to work as uber drivers because the rent is too high.

You'd make a fraction of the income from driving Uber that you would for engineering work.
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Ah, now I feel silly.... Very well, my mistake, when you said broken up I assumed you meant it was public, but you meant it should lose its effective monopoly and be broken up by the competition commission. But would that really help?..

Re impact on biz, surely lives are more important plus the losses of property etc that'd result. What did that end up costing?

And the last point isn't mine; it's Rancid's. You've misquoted me.
My understanding is that the utility company hasn't done the necessary upgrades or maintainance on it's network. For example it hasn't cut nearby trees so one could fall on an electric line, catch fire and kill people. It's faulty equipment caused a fire that destroyed a town and killed over 80 people a few years ago.
Allow me to barge in here and have some fun with y'all:

Our utilities in Bangladesh can and do suddenly switch off at any time for any reason and for an unspecified time. So the water, gas and electricity get interrupted almost every day at random times, especially the electricity. It can be for a minute, an hour, and sometimes for a day or more.

We are prepared with backup electricity generators, backup gas cylinders and a half dozen five gallon jugs with drinking water. And a home pharmacy, one never knows.

If all else fails, I have an old Landcruiser diesel with a 3700 cc engine that can take us to safety through almost anything, and we own a bugout place on the border with India with our own fresh water, fish, eggs, rice, meat and vegetables. In case of a zombapocalypse or major geopolitical or geological events. It is a four hour drive :D


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