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The Saudis are too I'm sure. Help from the US & UK with the Yemen civil war and rival of Assad in Syria, etc. lapping it up with more arms, money and regional rivals weakened
On Tuesday, Kremlin-backed forces further stepped up to fill the vacuum left in northern Syria by the US. Russian military police units patrolled the contact line between Syrian and Turkish forces, while Putin-backed Bashar al-Assad troops gained full control of the town of Manbij and surrounding areas, according to a Russian defense ministry statement published on its website.

The fast-shifting geopolitical sands have already handed huge territorial gains to the pro-Moscow Assad government who opportunistically forged a new alliance with US-abandoned Kurds over the weekend.

We had two choices on Syria. Keeping the dictator who massacred his own people like Stalin, who directed his paranoia at the Soviets, or let ISIS take over Europe, terrorizing white Europeans. It is better when the problem is only confined to Syria whatever Assad does to the Syrian people. The EU and Britain made a wrong choice when they started a war against Assad to remove him from power. Trump had a more balanced approach to deal with the Putin-backed Assad regime, which regained control of northern Syria from ISIS, thus eliminating terrorist threats to Europe. Assad is not a communist but his style of governance is reminiscent of Stalin's Russia.

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