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Does make sense actually.
Sexual attraction is, to a large extent, based on very basic factors like symmetry and neotenic features.
Males have specific ideal symmetry and females have a specific ideal symmetry, and it is only logical to expect that this symmetry can be noticed by other species.

And we do infact notice this in other animals our selves, where do you think animal beauty pageants (whatever they're called exactly), pets and our attraction (not sexual) to their cute features, and, in its most extreme form, Beastiality comes from?

We can tell an animal looks "cute" because our brains can identify the neotenic features they have even when they're of another species, and we can tell if an animal is "deformed" or, in case of farm animals, not of top quality because we have an evolutionary bias towards symmetry.

BTW, this applies not only to faces, but also to other parts like, indeed, "tits and ass".

Also, beauty is not fully objective, it is, however, largely objective.
Personal tastes and preferences lie within a very narrow range of each other, a range dictated by our evolutionary history with our brains having very specific signs and features to look for in a person.
I don't buy this scientific rations bullshit. Everyone finds different things attractive, so I think it's VERY subjective. It's only objective in a very general way, if you look at it from really really really really far away.

To quote a great philosopher:
I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. - Derek Zoolander
anasawad wrote:Males have specific ideal symmetry and females have a specific ideal symmetry, and it is only logical to expect that this symmetry can be noticed by other species.

Beauty standards may vary depending on your culture. East Asian women evolved to have small breasts under selective pressure, while large hips are favored in Latin America as a symbol of fertility. Even if humans do have universal beauty standards across all races, birds are mainly attracted to feathers, which are equivalent to human hairs or hairdos. Birds will generally molt before they mate. The new feathers look bright and attractive and help males attract a female. Hens were only trained to peck at the male face, and cocks at the female face out of seven choices on a touch-sensitive computer screen. The researchers used only two faces, one male and one female, which were blurred to confuse chickens.

Some birds have taken things a step further, by developing special feathers just for showing off. Male pheasants have some spectacular feathers. The tail feathers of the male argus pheasant (from south-east Asia) can reach 1.75 metres in length.

But fancy feathers can also get in the way. The African long-tailed widowbird sheds his gorgeous tail plumes at the end of the breeding season. They make him too slow to escape from predators. For the rest of the year, he is just streaky brown, like the females. ... eir-mates/
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Saeko wrote:
Rule 15


One of the things about human sexuality is that people fixate on all sorts of things.

Then there is the cultural side where fat is considered attractive for a while, and then skinny (and sometimes really skinny).

You can only get to normative by pruning away those that don't fit your expectations.
Red_Army wrote::lol: I mean that isn't possible, but I'm happy you love your girlfriend.

Trust me, dude, I didn't believe how old she was when I first found out, either...
I've seen some slim and trim, and fit, 50 year old women, so I believe BigSteve. It's more common amongst Asian women, but that's not saying it doesn't happen. Age is often seen more in the face, if they take care of the rest.

46 year old Korean mom.

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